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Anne-Marie - #AM2

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Jan 20, 2016.

  1. With a title like that, I bet it was.
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  2. An Anne-Marie ballad in a pandemic? Isolate, quarantine and vaccinate it.
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  3. It's endearing but just so blah.
  4. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Wow the absolute death of this thread.
  5. I hope she moves on from Birthday ASAP because there's no way this is going to be a big hit for her and she's recovered from worse flops before. Anne-Marie is capable of so much better.
  6. After Rockabye, Alarm, Ciao Adios, Friends and 2002, I thought she had the potential to be one of the next big uk pop girls. I had her and Dua on the same level for a hot minute. But after Dua’s reinvention, nearing Birthday made me lose all interest

    Her debut album is pretty strong and she had five hits from the era, I really hope there’s more to her second album than this. Her and Birthday feel like filler from the first album, if the rest is like this then I wouldn’t complain about her scrapping it all and starting afresh.

    I don’t know what’d be worse, a trash second album or a masterpiece that gets released too late so the GP has forgotten about her. She needs to find an amazing feature to keep her career in the public eye while she records some better material. This ain’t it
  7. Her Young Foolish Happy is coming but without the iconic singles ddd.
  8. This is beautiful wtf.
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  9. She really sounds like Jessie J in parts here.
  10. Imagine how TIRED we are.
  11. It's been quite... enlightening during lockdown to see how many popstars are either genuinely annoying irritants who crave attention or just total idiots with no grounding in reality. Not that I ever saw it for Anne-Marie, but it's a good reminder to be selectively cautious in who you stan for.
  12. It's literally a bingo isn't it. Like, we're never really safe unless popstars give up on their social media platforms like my disconnected-from-reality fave.
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