Anne-Marie - Unhealthy (Jul 28)

Just heard a clip of the new song that samples ‘What Is Love?’ and sure it sounds like a bop but I must admit the constant sampling of everyone’s songs right now is getting a bit tiresome.

At least get creative with it, ‘Renaissance‘ style?
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It's wild that it took eleven songwriters to write this:

I want you for the dirty and clean
When you're waking in your dreams
When you bite my tongue and make me scream
And make me scream
See, I got everything that you need
Ain't nobody gon' do it like me
We are burning at a high degree
At a high degree

And you make me feel like it burns and it hurts

Uh, baby, that's part of the rush, this is us
I would of just preferred a cover of the original song.. those new lyrics if you can call them that are terrible…