Anne-Marie - Unhealthy (Jul 28)

There are some rumors that her 3rd album is called "Unhealthy" and is going to be released at the end of July. Not sure how true this is!
HMV Exclusive cover.

he / him
The fact that the title is written in second grade bubble writing is kind of iconic. I do prefer the crying cover though.

How's "Baby Don't Hurt Me" doing on the charts?
Genuinely curious if she is purposely trying to self sabotage her career?

Also, I am actually shocked that her label gave a green light fairly quickly for this album. As far as I remember, it took her quite a while to release Speak Your Mind and Therapy. What's even perplexing is that both of them were decent records and had hit singles. Honestly, I am not getting my hopes up this time. I really liked her in her debut era (minus the countless delays for the album) and Therapy was cute too. It is sad to such a huge dip in the quality of music.
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