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Annie - Dark Hearts + Neon Nights EP

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by robster, Jun 4, 2020.

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  1. For some reason I thought a CD release was already confirmed ? Just in my mind I guess.
  2. I've listened to this precious thing at least ten times already which happens... maybe twice a year to me with freshly released music. The first verse (or whole song? I have to re-listen) being about Tore is breaking my cold heart a bit. My depressed ass cannot handle this stuff right now Annie girl.


    The song reminds me a lot, sonically, of The 1975's A Change Of Heart, which is one of my absolute favourite songs. The soft electronica mmmh yes mama. A little triumph.
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  3. I love that a hook of the song is Annie saying her name aloud twice. "Take it away Johnny," and the guitar solo is quite special too.
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  4. I LOVE IT! That guitar/synth bit is a sample - I just can’t remember which song.
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  5. "The Streets Where I Belong" is wonderful! I think it may be the best of the four so far. And I love that it shares that same synth chirp with "The Bomb."
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  6. Getting some Empire Of The Sun vibes from the new track. Also just recently discovered her A&R and Vcation EPs.. Wow is all I can say, I've no idea how all of her music post Anniemal has passed me by.
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  7. I love it, sounds like it could have been produced by Sally Shapiro
    So far Dark Hearts is the weakest, but still good.
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  8. Simply gorgeous!
  9. It is bugging me that I can't remember the name of the original song that this one samples. That guitar/synth bit is definitely familiar.
  10. I was finally able to purchase The Streets Where I Belong. Definitely the best track released so far. That guitar throughout the song is something else.
  11. this is gorgeous .. I keep thinking she won’t be able to keep the quality this high but am proven wrong every single time
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  12. This is my favorite of all the songs released so far.
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  13. Damn, Annie. Well look at you! This is easily at least tying with “The Bomb” in my book. We’ll see how it develops.
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  14. I don’t think I can say enough good things about this latest track.
  15. Surely it's more expensive to press records than CDs, come on Annie at least issue a limited CD run (or put one in with the record?) Gleaming electro pop needs a crackle free CD issue.
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  16. The Streets is absolutely gawgeous. The opening ‘Annie, Annie’ and ‘take it away Johnny’ made me gasp and the production has lovely touches (backing vocals, that guitar) throughout.

    It’s like a mixture of Prefab Sprout, Sally Shapiro and Saint Etienne but thoroughly Annie. Amazing.
  17. I love how The Bomb us now a fan favourite when we were all scratching our heads when we first heard it!
  18. This is quite amazing, isn't it?! Gonna be such a good album.
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  19. I’m beside myself waiting for this record She’s filling such a void.
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  20. Her vocals are lovely in this song. The production is great.
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