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Annie - Dark Hearts + Neon Nights EP

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by robster, Jun 4, 2020.

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  1. This is so lush. I’m still kind of in disbelief it’s actually real?
  2. I'm on my first play and it's...kinda surreal? This forum was actually my gateway to Annie and she's been a consistent presence in my life since: I remember showing my boyfriend Anniemal and he fell in love instantly so I have my own nostalgia tied to her that isn't directly related to timeframe of when the music was actually released. Getting to experience this album in real time feels like a gift I never expected.

    It helps that it is, indeed, lush as hell.
  3. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I want her to narrate my life.
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  4. In Heaven is truly that hymn of us ascending to heaven. What a track.
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  5. Fuck. I just pushed play and every song so far has been incredible!

    Yess! Annie!
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  6. Ouch, this one’s unfortunately not for me. I had trouble getting through most tracks or was completely bored by the end. I’ve also never had issues with her vocals before but on this record she sounds like she’s doing karaoke (on some parts). I love Annie but I can’t see myself coming back to this album.
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  7. Great album! I love how atmospheric and melancholic it is. I just wish we could have gotten a visual album with the artworks as settings for the different videos.

    I also probably would have made some changes to the tracklist to get a better flow. My preferred track list would be:
    1. The Untold Story
    2. Stay Tomorrow
    3. Miracle Mile
    4. American Cars
    5. Mermaid Dreams
    6. The Bomb
    7. Dark Hearts
    8. Forever ‘92
    9. The Streets Where I Belong
    10. In Heaven
    11. Corridors of Time
    12. The Countdown to the End of the World
    13. It’s Finally Over
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  8. Dark Hearts, The Island Edition?
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  9. "Forever '92" is so ace. The sax! The "time after time" lyric! The easy groove!
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  10. After the first listen I need more time to adapt myself to this record. In Heaven and Mermaids Dreams clicked with me immediately, the second half - Stay Tomorrow onwards (apart from The Bomb) - was slightly overwhelming and too homogenous. More to come.
  11. Still waiting for it to finish downloading...feels like it's going to be another 11 years before it's done!
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  12. I think this is exquisite. Of course it is like catnip to me especially with the Julee Cruise influence. It is the synthy spooky sexy autumnal soundtrack I needed right now.

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  13. This album makes me wish the state hadn't taken my driver's license away.* It's made for late-night driving.

    *medical condition ddd
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  14. Agreed, my only gripe is that the flow seems a little off. I’ll give your tracklist a try!
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  15. For anyone who missed it here’s Peter’s highly anticipated Dark Hearts write up.

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  16. Good job, @Popjustice
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  17. The album is superb but seriously The Streets Where I Belong floors me everytime
  18. This could be my album of the year. I can't wait to see the physical copies next week now!
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  19. It’s so gorgeous. Love how pretty much each verse line ends on an upnote when you expect it to do the opposite.
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  20. Finally gave this my first full listen and to say it's already had a major effect on me would be an understatement. It's the dark, sensual, melancholic, atmospheric experience I desperately hoped for to perfectly soundtrack the late-night drives through Downtown L.A. that I'm no longer making. It's not a light listen, likely meaning I'll casually throw it on far less than her previous collections, but there's something really special and emotional about this album that, as a longtime fan, feels like a true triumph.
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