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Annie - Dark Hearts + Neon Nights EP

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by robster, Jun 4, 2020.

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  1. This is fucking brilliant.
  2. My CD, ordered the day it first went up for sale, finally arrived on Christmas eve. I'm guessing I'm one of the last people on EARTH to recieve it, which is ironic, as I'm Norwegian and live about 3 hours away from the streets where Annie belong. Thank you @Stopremix for guiding me to the Annie store services when I posted about me not recieving a confirmation e-mail from the official store and only got a PayPal confirmation after my purchase.

    'Anniemal' was such a monumental album in my teenage years, but 'Don't Stop' was such a let-down for me, that I stopped paying attention. 'American Cars' and 'The Bomb' didn't initially do much for me, but I really liked 'The Streets Where I Belong' when it premiered, and decided to order the CD. Since then I haven't listened to any of it, until my CD finally arrived. Well, I'm blown away! What an album... I'm loving all of it. 'American Cars' and 'The Bomb' may not be new Annie favorites, but they fit beautifully on this album. Without a doubt one of my favorites of the year. And this really feels like a full-fledged album!

    My only gripe is between track 12 'The Untold Story' and track 13 'It's Finally Over' when the sound effects of rain is supposed to connect the two songs, for a teeny-tiny second it's suddenly dead quiet before the rain resumes.
    Oh, and I'd also love for 'The Streets Where I Belong' to be 1 minute longer.
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  3. Aww yay! So glad I helped you out.

    The packaging is gorgeous, too, no? Such attention to detail.

    And lucky you -- you're listening to the superior mix of the song Dark Hearts. Check it out on streaming to hear the mix on the rest of the releases.

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  4. No, still waiting.....
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  5. Absolutely lovely packaging! Was there any details on what was wrong with the first batch they recieved from the manufacturer?

    I still haven't checked out the original 'Dark Hearts', out of fear that I would like it even better than the mix on the CD. And I've also been too busy replaying the whole of this album. 'The Streets Where I Belong' and 'The Untold Story' are creeping up on becoming all time favorite Annie songs!

    Oh, no... It surely can't take much longer...?
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  6. Me too.
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  7. Mine just arrived the other day, so there is still hope.
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  8. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Forever '92 is impeccable, just like the whole album really but this one in particular is getting to me lately.
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  9. I didn't know Annie had released new music! Wow!

    The iTunes previews sound promising. Gonna get the CD from the official store!
  10. My CD arrived a couple of days ago and I have been playing it all weekend.

    I was worried that it would be damaged like the last couple of items I ordered last year but it was perfect.

    I was super impressed with the digipak and artwork, I thought that it was just going to be a cheap slipcase as the CD's were only produced after fan reaction to no CD release, so I was surprised and extremely pleased.
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  11. Any of you is joining the webinar with Annie and Stefan where they will discuss the production of Dark Hearts song?
  12. My vinyl (from the second batch) has just been dispatched!
  13. Same! Which was a nice surprise.
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  14. Mine, too! I have spent an interesting amount of money getting this album in three formats (limited vinyl, CD, standard vinyl), but needs must! Think I'll go give it a spin right now.
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  15. Same! So excited to receive this.
  16. Wait! Is there a limited vinyl and a standard one? What's the difference? I can't find the limited one...
  17. The first pressing had an alternate cover but sold out on preorders around a month before the release. They saw demand was high and after the album was out they announced a second pressing, but so they didn’t anger those who bought the limited first one, this new one on the store has the standard cover. It would’ve been nice to have the limited one but I was too slow off the mark, so at least I haven’t missed out all together!
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  18. And what are the two covers? I guess the first pressing was the one that included the signed letter by Annie, right?

    I didn't even know she had even released a new album after so many years...
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