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Annie - Dark Hearts

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by robster, Jun 4, 2020.

  1. I'm not even worried that I'm overplaying this - 15 plays already! You were sorely missed, Annie!

    You know what, I saw this - either in one of your threads here or on your blog and checked it out - NINA's album sounds like it could be a nice home to Annie's new song - and hopefully Annie gives us more of this.
    Aside from the excellent ice-cold production on NINA's album that I really liked, there's something very Keisza-like (only much more boring) about her delivery and melodies that didn't sit well with me. I'd have much preferred Annie, Little Boots, Roisin Murphy, Kylie Minogue and Sophie Ellis-Bextor's voices on that record.

    Johnny Jewel should be working with many more PJ-faves. I can see the similarities. That said, of all the Italians' artists, the one I like the most is Chromatics. Ruth and Annie have completely different voices which add different textures to the otherwise similar sound. And Annie's new single and whatever else she releases next will keep us entertained till 2025 when Dear Tommy is pushed back for the 473rd time is fantastic!
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  2. Dark, brooding, melancholic, dreamy, airy and absolutely spine-tingling - YES Annie. She always delivers! I was a bit worried about Stefan producing this but it sounds so crisp and immaculate. And his backing vocals in the chorus really elevates the hook.
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  3. This is really fantastic and so replayable! I'm addicted. Looking forward to seeing what else she's got up her sleeve these sessions
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  4. I'm very happy she finally dropped that wonky italo piano that almost derailed the EPs teebs.
  5. I’m a sucker for a good parlando.

    How does she do it, time and time again? She makes releasing exquisite pop look so effortless.
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  6. I've had this on repeat for the past hour. Suffice to say, I like it.
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  7. Sorry, NINA sounds and looks totally bland. It´s basically Neo-Schlager with a synth-pop sheen. I immediately knew she was a fellow German from looking at her pics. Vapid artsiness is something ve arr wery goot at!
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  8. This is giving me ethereal Royksopp/Robyn teas - it's really great.
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  9. He


    This is so lush!

    Oh Annie, I have missed you.
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  10. I think our empress of pop is wearing no clothes.

    I am finding this a little uneventful, it’s basically her vocal over the Stranger Things theme tune to these ears which is fine but I expect more from Annie, I’m not sure her voice suits this kind of synthpop.

    The artwork is totally brilliant.

    Nina does it much better (as well as my beloved Bat, the Lost Girl)
  11. The artwork is done by Marcus Baga from Big Active, I am happy she made the right choice with the visuals!
  12. I like this a lot!
  13. I've played it non-stop all morning. I feel very comfortable and safe around Annie's music, because she really doesn't let me down.
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  14. Thanks to whoever shared this one because I'm obsessed now

    I'm having the two songs on repeat pretty much.
  15. The artwork was done by the same pepole who did the Anniemal campaign! They just get her.
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  16. Really? I didn't know that. How wonderful.

    I can't wait to see the photography/artwork of her new album.
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  17. I think I’m gonna have an Annie marathon today. I haven’t listened to her much lately. Have my streams queen.
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  18. I forgot the legendary 'Ferret Summer' until this thread brought it up the other day. Now I cannot get it out of my head.

    I remember when this thread didn't understand the lyrics, so people thought the chorus was

    Your dad shot the ferret
    Your dad shot the ferret
    Your dad shot the ferret
    Your dad shot the ferret
  19. A7D3E474-8A1C-417C-9AAB-E1E41548E8F6.jpeg The album is called Dark Hearts and is out in October.
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