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Annie - Dark Hearts

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by robster, Jun 4, 2020.

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  2. Dark Hearts clicked a bit more for me tonight. I’ve also been finding a new love for her cover of Two of Hearts.
  3. I want a vinyl preorder link Annie, take me money luv.
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  4. How
    is this woman 42? Cannot comprehend.
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  5. I’ve had American Cars on repeat today... it is such an intoxicatingly good track. Immensely looking forward to the release of Dark Hearts!
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  6. It really is so impressive how effortlessly she’s able to glide between all the infinite shadings of electronic music, and often on the same project. Talent!
  7. Do we know if the video filmed is for a brand new sinlge or is it a American Cars propper release?
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  8. Can this please come out NOW? I need Annie to walk home with through rainy Paris
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  9. Really enjoying the tracks released so far, and can't wait for the full LP.
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  11. i love that we're getting so many countdown singles
  12. Maybe I’m the only one but I put music on to the sound out the noise when I’m on the loo. When my .... dropped so did the chorus ‘I’m dropping the bomb’ I love the song but that moment ruined it for me.
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  14. You on the loo dropping the bomb.
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  15. This is the one I've been waiting for. With luck we'll hear it on Friday.

    You soundtrack your shits?
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  16. So cute. Is there something happening with the album release? Being unleashed in October and all considered, it is getting a bit late for a preorder.
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  17. The Streets Where I Belong coming out at midnight
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  18. I need a vinyl link yesterday.
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  19. Yeah I actually want a physical of this. I've not got into Dark Hearts the song so much yet but The Bomb and American Cars are so good. I wish I'd bought physicals of A&R and Endless Vacation now.
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