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Annie - Dark Hearts

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by robster, Jun 4, 2020.

  1. The Streets Where I Belong is gorgeous. It's reminding me a lot of Sally Shapiro.
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  2. Just listened to The Streets Where I Belong for the first time.... it’s such an ethereal song. I really love the artwork too!!
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  3. Everything so far has been great. What a comeback.
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  4. The song isn't playing for me yet, but knowing it comes out at midnight lessens my indignity slightly. I can't wait to hear it.
  5. Cassette and no CD… format exclusives… I'm going to mutter about this forever
  6. Finally! I just bought the signed LP. I hope I’m one of the first 250 who receives a handwritten note.
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  7. I absolutely pounced on this, so I’m pretty sure I got a note. Yay!!! This will be such a gorgeous package.
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  8. This is insane, every format has a different bonus feature, I need it all. And it looks like the final single will be "Corridors of Time" (clock image).
  9. Ordered, was waiting for this!
    The vinyl description makes me wet, gatefold cover with glossy details, yes mam
  10. Sorry, Annie - no CD, no sale!
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  11. I'm actually quite tempted by that Annimeal tee. It's really cute.
  12. The instrumentals on the digital version are a really nice touch. I guess she'll get my money for that last format after all.
  13. Wait so the album cover for everything (bar the cassette which I'll keep pretending doesn't exist) has a different portrait now?
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  14. Shame there is no CD option. Also noticed there is no ‘The Bomb’ artwork print showing on her store.
  15. I've never ordered something so fast in my life (besides Kate Bush tickets). So damn happy it's coming out on vinyl!
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  16. She's been talking to Johnny Jewel
  17. "Let Annie hypnotise you or your kids with her beguiling stare."
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