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Annie - Dark Hearts

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by robster, Jun 4, 2020.

  1. The video for The Streets Where I Belong is out next week, and the preview looks good.
  2. Correct.
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  3. The Streets is just so excellent... oh wow
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  4. Best song on her last album, hard to pick the best Annie song. American Cars is my favorite song this year along with Kelly Lee Owens song L.I.N.E.
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  5. Have we seen this unedited version of the cover shot before? Living room realness!

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  6. I know it’s an homage, but I keep singing Dancing In The Dark over Streets (as excellent as it is).
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  7. The Streets Where I Belong is great. it really reminds me of something, production-wise, and I can't think what.

    It's my second fave after The Bomb - the title track is the weakest so far. I can't even remember how that goes.
  8. I've been saying it samples something... i can't remember which song though.
  9. It doesn't remind me of Dancing In the the Dark which @Minorkey suggested. But it defo reminds me of something. Possibly a Daft Punk track. Possibly something else!
  10. I keep getting Kylie's The One playing in my head. They work well together
  11. So, err, there's no physical album being released?

    I love The Streets Where I Belong. It reminds me of lots of things but can't say exactly what.
  12. There is, read back a bit.
  13. There is - just not on CD. Vinyl and cassette only. Pah.
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  14. I contacted her music store and there are no plans for a CD, unfortunately.
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  15. It reminds me a lot of I Won't Leave You Lonely by Shania Twain.
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  16. The worst bit about all of this is the nonsense under the tape version in the store: "Does anyone have a cassette player in 2020? Who knows, but it's a pretty cool format.". You know what some people do still have Annie? A fucking stereo.
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  17. How much does a limited run of CDs cost anyway? She must have 500 or 1000 dedicated fans worldwide who would want such an item (and pay handsomely for it).
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  18. Annie it’s cruel but hey, might not be my place to say, somewhere there's been a failure and you can’t blame COVID either.
  19. It does seem rather a strange decision. When I ditched my CDs a few years back due to downsizing my home, there were certain acts of whom I kept CDs and Annie was one of them. I’d have defo bought a CD of Dark Hearts and then streamed it so she’d have had more money from me that way, but I’m not buying a record or a tape.
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