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Annie - Dark Hearts

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by robster, Jun 4, 2020.

  1. Finally gave this my first full listen and to say it's already had a major effect on me would be an understatement. It's the dark, sensual, melancholic, atmospheric experience I desperately hoped for to perfectly soundtrack the late-night drives through Downtown L.A. that I'm no longer making. It's not a light listen, likely meaning I'll casually throw it on far less than her previous collections, but there's something really special and emotional about this album that, as a longtime fan, feels like a true triumph.
  2. Not to look a gift horse in the mouth here, but the way she seems to be hinting at more music (relatively) soonish has me thinking her next album should be a bit peppier.

    But honestly, any Annie is good Annie. So we're lucky, Fannies.
  3. Island

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    I'd love for Annie to work with Little Jinder on future projects.
  4. I wouldn't even mind more melancholy dream-pop from her in the future. This is so consistent. 'Forever '92' alone scratches my dance itch.

    But respect where it's due -- special shoutout to 'WorkX2' for being the only reason I exercise these days.

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  5. Into the sea with me




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  6. “Count Down to the End of the World“ feels so appropriate if you live in the US with the wretched election.
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  7. Mermaid Dreams is something else, what an album.
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  8. Gorgeous album. They should be so proud. I’ll cherish my copy*.

    *Of the limited record, CD, and WAV files!
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  9. I listened to the instrumentals just now and I was struck by how much Annie adds to them. They're not even bad (jenna_maroney_nosebleed.gif) but they really do have very little of the magic of the vocal versions. The lyrics; the spoken word bits; the delivery. It's almost all her presence that makes these songs what they are.
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  10. Finally listened to this. It definitely is something else. I love the slower moments, especially Forever 92 and The Streets Where I Belong. My only issue is the spoken word bits. There's a little too many of those for my liking but it's still a great album.
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  11. I don’t have a lot to say about the album I’m honestly speechless. It’s a masterpiece.
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  12. The album feels like a tribute to Erot and the emotional weight it carries in its sound and miss Annie’s performance elevates it to a genuinely unique experience in her catalog. I’m entranced!
  13. Never paid much attention to Annie, but the way this takes me from Julee Cruise to Sade to Enya is truly delightful.
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  14. Oooh I would LOVE to hear these ! Where can I have a listen?

    I've just listened once so far - annoyingly too busy yesterday- but just starting second listen now. On the first listen though , I absolutely loved it. As everyone has said, the consistent feeling and atmosphere was what struck me. Loved it. Interesting about the instrumentals, on first listen I felt that some of the music was actually quite overwhelmingly beautiful - In Heaven and especially Mermaid Dreams were really stand outs in that respect. Forever 92 also really stood out. Can't wait to get to that song on this listen!
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  15. I've always loved the Annie songs that weave her vocals/make her voice part of the instrumental/beat. Anniemal (the song) really does this. I Know UR Girlfriend Hates Me is another. It always sounds great.
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  16. First listen through now - I just got chills from ‘Miracle Mile’ at the “setting out on an open road” verse. Gorgeous.
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  17. I feel so happy for Annie and for us that have been there since the beginning. It has been long ass waits between projects, but she always delivers pop perfection and even though she doesn't get the commercial success she deserves, I hope she's aware of how much those that do listen ADORE the work.

    This will be an album I know in ten, twenty years I'll listen to and be reminded of moments in my life, similarly to how Anniemal, Don't Stop, The A&R EP, Endless Vacation EP and countless oddities all hold pockets of time in their melodies and lyrics. 'Ferret Summer' for example instantly makes me think of summers in my back garden when Big Brother used to be on TV live in the background and I'd have work due for college I should've been doing, or 'Best Friend' when it was raining on the bus back from my ex boyfriends house and then there was 'When The Night' sound-tracking quite an important moment (I won't repeat again on here.)
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  18. I cannot get over this bit.
  19. Mermaid Dreams gives me major Goldfrapp Silver Eye vibes.
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