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Annie - Dark Hearts

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by robster, Jun 4, 2020.

  1. I feel like I‘m already way too late in commenting on this album even though it was released yesterday but damn you guys are quick.

    Mermaid Dreams is IT. It has the potential to become my favourite Annie song ever. It just sounds so rich and feels like drowning and flying at the same time. The distorted vocals in the second verse? Yes! The synths getting louder and louder during the extended outro? YESSSSS
  2. I am so fucking ready to listen to this on my plane ride back to Seattle. After being back home in California these past 3 months, all your comments and notes of it being melancholic is sure going to hit pretty hard on that 2.5 hr flight.
  3. I've been listening to this so much in the last two days. I have been waiting for an album like this for so long, not nessicarily by Annie, but I'm glad it was her. The tracks really meld into each other nicely, Forever 92, Mermaid Dreams, The Untold Story are my standouts. I think this definitely is my album of the year now.
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  4. Well I'm not necessarily having massive stand out tracks yet but I think that's because it's a strong collection overall. The production just washes over you in the best possible way - it has so many layers and I can't wait to listen to it more to get into it properly. It might have been a bit of a wait but it feels like a pretty perfect project at this point.
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  5. I am working on a track list rejig. I love all the songs and this album is definitely a mood unlike her previous two. I think I’ll front load the songs that can stand alone as Side One and then pull together her version of The Ninth Wave from the dreamier atmospheric songs. I prefer them as a suite as opposed to being spread out over the whole album. It just needs a bit of tweaking.
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  6. This album honestly just keeps growing and giving me life. This is our left field popstar taking a left turn, and it works to great effect.
    Its a great season for the sonic landscape, and I honestly didn't know I would love this vibe as much as I am.
  7. I had a customer come up to me at work today and asked if we sold this album.

    I was floored. I literally did a double take. A non-homosexual person, from a fairly small Scottish city on the east coast, presumably not a member of this forum, that's also been e x p o s e d to the creations of Annie Strand?! I felt the urge to start chanting "One of us! One of us!" in his face!

    We did not sell the album.
  8. Was he cute?
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  9. My top 3 tracks from the album so far are Miracle Mile, Dark Hearts, and Forever ‘92

    I love the dark soundscape of the album against her delicate vocals. Reminds me a bit of Grimes
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  10. "In Heaven" is an 11/10, and my god, the world is better for its existence.
  11. Totally.
  12. A non homosexual asking about Annie ?! I doubt it !

    No, but seriously... I'm dying to know why you assumed he was straight ?!
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  13. I hope they hurry online because there's only 11 CDs left (there were 80 on Thursday) and I'm doubtful of a second pressing!
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  14. Why can't I be totally on board with this? I know it'll be the soundtrack to my many melancholic nights but I'm not stanning this as much as her previous masterpieces. Mermaid dreams, however is IT.
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  15. I wish she had a bigger major label budget to help shift this album to the widest possible audience.
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  16. I’m glad they are selling, I was worried after the fuss made about no CD (me included) that she’d lose out after organising the album on CD even if only for a limited run.
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  17. I wonder how many CDs she had printed. Probably 500-ish? Considering that most of them probably got sold on the first couple of days.
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  18. I’m so jealous, besides listening in a car flying through the deserted Nevada desert at night, I think the next ethereal experience would be listening to the album on a deserted night flight as you stare into the black night sky outside.
  19. Well you're missing out on the Kentucky experience. I mean there are no words to describe driving down a rural Kentucky dirt road, under the stars, and hoping no deer run out in front of you. Just kidding, we have upgraded to gravel roads. Talk about ascending.
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  20. Can you just drive over McConnell already
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