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Annie - Dark Hearts

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by robster, Jun 4, 2020.

  1. Yes! Mermaid Dreams in particular has quite a Grimes feel in how she uses her vocal and lets it permeate that big airy, ethereal soundscape.

    Miracle Mile is so gorgeous, evocative and melancholy. The chorus takes me to other worlds. Forever '92 is a much needed change of pace, and with Streets they round out my top 3 for now. What a record. It has already made me emotional a couple of times.
  2. Agreeing with the Grimes echoes.
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  3. I'm hoping Amy McGrath will. If not, I will be on stand by haha.
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  4. Forever '92 might be the song of the year for me. Absolutely love it!
  5. I also forgot that I pre-ordered the digital version and it came with the instrumentals so I have a complete ~score~ of "Dark Hearts"!

    I compiled some slow-mo vids I captured on my cam-corder from a road trip from Oregon down to the Coast this past July with my best friend and her boo. Recognize the song, anyone?
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  6. I love this album but listening to it all the way through is almost too intense. I’ve added most of the tracks to my playlist of the moment , so whenever one comes on I just sink into it.
    Incidentally I suddenly thought of an album called Adored by a band called Daybehavior that I hadn’t listened to in ages , it’s very much the sonic cousin to this
  7. I’ll check this out! I’m not sure if it’s been mentioned, but the record is also sonically similar to Bat For Lashes’ brilliant Lost Girls, definitely worth a listen.
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  8. Correct! My favourite album of the last few years, it’s perfect.

    @lutz Adored is such a lost classic, I must replay immediately.
  9. I listened to it as well yesterday, still amazing.. they’ve had a few more albums out since, all not bad , but Adored is still it
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  10. this is the only thing i could find from the Daybehavior album , and it was always one of my favourites too .
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  11. I think I've got the perfect RVSD running order for Dark Hearts. Let's call the album American Cars just because of that amazing artwork which was wasted on the single.


    Side One 'Dark Hearts'

    The Bomb - an outlier on the album but sounds great as an opener, reminds me of Two Divided By Zero or One More Chance as an album opener, it also sounds like an actual PSB circa Behaviour b-side.

    Dark Hearts - I love the staggered jaggedy choppy synth bit in the chorus.

    American Cars - more Chromatics than the actual Chromatics....that intro!

    Forever '92 followed by The Streets Where I Belong - the breeziest pop moments on the album.

    It's Finally Over - sounds like the outro of a David Lynch film after a few grizzly murders or something and nicely wraps up Side One.

    Side Two: Suite Dreams (I know.....inspired!) These seven songs share a very similar mood and sound best to me played in the following order.

    In Heaven

    Stay Tomorrow

    Miracle Mile

    Corridors Of Time

    Mermaid Dreams

    The Untold Story

    The Countdown To The End Of The World........and then back to the start with The Bomb, just loop it forever.
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  12. I'd love to hear a Trent Reznor remix of Mermaid Dreams. Imagine!
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  13. Interesting! Although, I would definitely choose The Bomb as a closer. As someone pointed out here, that “go back to sleep” but at the end of the song feels like a fitting end to the album itself.
  14. No Streets?
  15. Surely it was a simple mistake leaving off one of the very best tracks of her career.
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  17. Barely a mention, the absolute gall.
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  18. This is being criminally underrated ugh.

    A new favorite from her; certainly her most storytelling/personal album.

    This is basically a mash between the best parts of Chromatics, Bat For Lashes and M83 soundwise - so I was bound to love it.
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  19. CD sold out now, I hope she made some profit on it.
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  20. Hiya.

    I’ve ended up ordering the cassette, now the CD and vinyl are sold out.

    There are a small number of fellow Annie fans in Dundee.
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