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Annie - Dark Hearts

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by robster, Jun 4, 2020.

  1. There's a few of us from Aberdeen too!
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  2. I can't wait to listen to Mermaid Dreams on tape until it starts to sound all chewed up.
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  3. Wait what? Limited edition? Low stock? Heh
  4. It was advertised as a limited run but Didn’t realize she had an actual quantity limit. Surprised she didn’t at least warn people like she did with the vinyl (unless I missed it).
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  5. I'm glad I ordered the cd as well now, I was going to leave it till the end of the month, but after enjoying it so much I was just like fuck it and bought a copy, although I'm mostly looking forward to the vinyl copy when it arrives.

    I've found the more I listen to the album I always find more reasons to love it more, it's definitely now my album of the year.
  6. Any guesses what song would be an extended version on the LP?
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  7. I'd love an 8-minute version of 'Miracle Mile'.
  8. I'm hoping it's The Streets Where I Belong. I feel like it fades out too soon.
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  9. Strongly agree!
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  10. Moi if it’s a 10 minute waterboarding club mix of Mermaid Dreams.

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  11. Me though
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  12. On my first listen and In Heaven has hit me like a ton of bricks. What a song.

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  13. Yes, I love the instrumental versions, it actually made me love the album even more.

    My two other favorite instrumental versions of albums is Goldfrapp's Seventh Tree and ARTPOP (I actually like the instrumental version of ARTPOP better than the actual album...)
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  14. Had the budget been there, this could have been some amazing visual album!
  15. After a few days with the album I think an extended version of American Cars with extra synth throb would be perfect.
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  16. I hate myself for feeling that The Streets Where I Belong is a little too sweet and cloying, I keeping getting Titanic soundtrack vibes.......I know I am an awful person.
  17. Sure I liked ‘The Countdown to the End of the World’ on the first couple of spins but wow it slowly dug into my brain and it was on rotation in my head all day and night yesterday. It’s just everything.
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  18. Titanic soundtrack vibes is objectively a good (and very Stefan!) thing! Repent!

    I get those vibes much more from the post-chorus of Forever '92.
  19. Just gave Dark Hearts my first full listen... i'm currently spinning around the solar system and will be back shortly....
    What an album!
    Miracle Mile is stunningly beautiful, and actually did make me well up a little.
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  20. Forever '92 reminds me of...something. The La's? New Order? Field Mice? Pale Saints? Something like that.
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