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Annie - Dark Hearts

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by robster, Jun 4, 2020.

  1. It would be super amazing, but also a little odd.
    I mean, releasing a whole album remixed by one producer just one year after the "original" would certainly raise some eyebrows. It could come across as "why didn´t she go with X in the first place?", which is a question I keep asking myself anyway.
    On the other hand: It´d be almost avantgarde and subversive if she did this.
    X´s productions just have this certain je ne sais quoi IT that is so hard to explain and impossible to re-create.
  2. I love what Richard X has done with American Cars, it's so subtle, yet it somehow really amps up the song and brings it to life, I was listening to the album the other day thinking "what if he did redo the whole album? How could this song benefit?" and honestly I'm not sure most of the album would benefit at all because the original vision is right there. I'm treating this X edit as a sort of single mix treatment, I'd be up for a Dark Hearts X edit too as there's just something about this song that doesn't do it for me.
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  3. To quote some article I read years ago, Richard X makes everything sound like an expensive sport car
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  4. My baby drives a car
  5. uuhhhh.. Róisín just did it with Crooked Machine, I would'nt mind having another version.
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  6. But Crooked Machine is a classic remix album from the same producer as Roisin Machine.
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  7. A brand-new single featuring Jake Shears out this Friday.
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  8. !!! Banger incoming!
  9. She’s going to rerelease the album, isn’t she. Help!!!
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  10. Dark Hearts + Neon Lights sounds like a pairing.
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  11. No information on ASCAP regarding Neon Lights, however, there are two other new titles registered No Flowers Today and The Secret
  12. Ooh I hope it’s a sister album to Dark Hearts!
  13. The sexier, more uptempo sister album to Dark Hearts? I'm speaking this into existence!
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  14. Looking forward to it! The artwork makes me think it's probably a one-off release for Pride rather than an indication that a new album or re-release is coming. I hope I'm wrong though!
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  16. Hurrah! I feel like this year I am lacking decent new music, so I have high hopes and storing faith in Annie to deliver.
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  17. Oh this is a collaboration that I didn't know I needed. Very excited for this.
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  18. So she's not doing her usual trick of Dissappearing for half a decade... Exicting! I'm hoping for a classic glittering Annie electropop moment.
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  19. Oh, our award-winning composer of pop will serve up more excellence, of course.
  20. I’m curious to hear how their voices will go together! Judging from the artwork, it will be a continuation from Dark Hearts?
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