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Annie - Dark Hearts

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by robster, Jun 4, 2020.

  1. I think now more than ever before, I appreciate the throwaway bop!
  2. I do agree to a certain point but I still can’t stop listening to it
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  3. The more I listen to it, the more I realize the Richard X Edit of American Cars might be my favorite piece of music… pretty much, ever. It just keeps building and building in a way that is both thrilling and haunting. A song that speaks to life itself.

    I wonder what it would take for Richard X to release a proper extended mix versus the edit. I wonder if I could create a Kickstarter of sorts to fund such an endeavor.

    On the subject of Richard X (please do not kill me, it isn’t that OT) do people verbalize “Richard Ex (a la Sweet Dreams my LA Ex)” or “Richard the Tenth.” I ask this as my Amazon Alexa device has just cast my entire world into a whirlwind of doubt.
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  4. Richard (e)X.
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  5. No, I said the Jesus and Mary Chain are.
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  6. watch at 14 seconds
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  7. Haha, I wanted to post a link as well, which is here at 26:14
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  8. Is the EP getting a CD release?
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  9. Someone please tag me if a cd/vinyl/cassette sale goes live. I'll do the same if someone wants me to.
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  10. Ok wait a second. Just Like Honey is amazing! Never heard the original, kii but this is automatically in the Top 5 songs from the Dark Hearts era.
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  11. Dark Hearts is truly an excellent hangover album.
  12. Are you speaking from experience?
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  13. Yes. I was feeling a little delicate today.
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  14. Is this going to be… digital only? :(
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  15. I'm sure we'll be getting something beautiful! Can't wait for it!
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  16. We told her with Dark Hearts so she knows better now!

    Seriously though I hope she does release it on CD but as an EP I’d understand if she didn’t.

    Dark Hearts has one of the nicest album packaging I’ve ever seen. She could’ve gotten away with a jewel case but went all out and it’s not even like it’s deluxe edition. Gorgeous!
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  17. I'm most interested in the Richard X production on this EP. I'm really quite sad that it's only one track out of the five. Obviously she has a great recording relationship with Stefan but I so miss the edge that Richard gave her music.
  18. I'm weirdly obsessed with Just Friends right now. It's not even really a song, just a sinister sounding talkpiece.
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  19. These new songs are ok, but I want something dark and demented like “Tube Stops & Lonely Hearts “ again though.

    “We can’t see into the future… future… future”

    Ugh, 10/10.
  20. I recall for every Annie related update on Popjustice Tube Stops would be used for the "Tube Stops and Lonely Hearts hitmaker, Annie" gag.

    It never quite worked for me because Tube Stops in my reality was an absolute hit. So underrated.
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