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Annie - Dark Hearts

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by robster, Jun 4, 2020.

  1. Yeah, I never understood that gag. I thought it was absolutely brilliant (still do) and much better than the first three tracks of The A&R EP that people said were “better”.

    In fact, “Tube Stops…” is one of the Annie songs I still play frequently and regularly (unlike “Ralph Macchio”) but to each their own.
  2. I love Ralph Macchio just as much as Tube Stops (more actually...)

    I had no idea until today that Tube Stops and Lonely Hearts was a Xenomania collaboration. Is that correct or an error on its Discogs listing? I don't recall seeing any mention of it at the time of release.
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  3. Just saw something... got shocked, we'll be screaming for what's coming up.
  4. It is correct. There was some discussion about that and I firmly believe Xenomania being attached to it is why a lot of people were disappointed. They wanted their Girls Aloud-esque pop not a moody, dirty, cruising at 4am anthem.
  5. I think Tube Stops is an amazing Annie moment, but even by that point Xenomania were losing gas creatively. They've been a spent force for years. Tube Stops, however, managed to buck that trend.
  6. Wasn't there rumblings of Xenomania produced third Annie album around the time the three EPs idea was being bounced around? I wonder if there are any other amazing dark club bops locked in the vault.
  7. I'm still obsessed with Neon Lights. Jake is so camp on it, I love his delivery.
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  8. The EP release date is on 10th September btw
  9. Finally! Thanks for the heads up and luckily that isn't too far away.
  10. [​IMG]

    Behind a spoiler just in case anyone wants to avoid it pre-release. I like it, and it follows on from "Dark Hearts" well, but I do wish the photo posted a few pages ago - or something similar - was used instead as I think that matches the title more.
  11. Oh, I love.
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  12. That was just what I saw yesterday, I believe it'll pop up on the store very soon as a physical format.
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  14. The photo of her in the white blazer with the rainbow effect "fits" the vibe of Neon Lights and Just Like Honey better, but this is Sky Ferreira levels of Twin Peaks cosplay so I'm still totally into it.
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  15. Oh that's stun, I'm really excited.
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  16. I blasted The Bomb earlier while doing the housework. Underrated but brilliant (like Annie herself, I suppose).
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  17. I'm scared she's going to announce the physicals when I'm not online.
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  18. The Dark Hearts physicals aren't sold out, so presumably demand won't be so high that you'd need to be online right away? I hope, anyway!
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  19. Such fun, I did the image retouch on this image - Working with your idols is such a dream!
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