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Annie - Dark Hearts

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by robster, Jun 4, 2020.

  1. Did they communicate that to you? I haven’t heard from them.
  2. I'm waiting for it to arrive so I can look at it before putting it away. The new song? I have no idea how I'll hear it!
  3. YouTube.
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  4. Nou, I haven't hread from them, but I'm hoptimistic! lol, just noticed the article is gone from the shop!
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  5. In true Saint Etienne fashion she’s found a few extra in the warehouse.
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  6. Wait, did I miss it being back in stock? Sademoji.png
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  8. Got the shipping confirmation for the mini CD - finally!
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  9. 6 tracks don’t fit on a 3” CD, “No Flowers Today” cuts off. Anyone else’s have this issue?
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  10. Nooo! I don't have mine yet, but will report back. And, knowing how Annie treats her fans, she probably send us the lossless file as compensation! What a shame.
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  11. Ugh, they really didn’t think it through. Please let her know. Looking up the specs it can safely hold up to 20 minutes of music. How long is the EP?
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  12. The EP without it is 15:59.
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  13. Ooph, cutting it close. The Collector in me is hoping she would release this on a regular sized CD (and with “Secret” on) but most likely she will do what you said and give us a digital file of the song. Maybe I won’t open it after all?
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  14. Not opened mine yet and there doesn't seem much point now. Don't they test them before sending them off to be made?
  15. I’ll open mine when it arrives and try it out.
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  16. It might just be a faulty disc I have if the EP is only 16 minutes without the bonus track, though “No Flowers Today” doesn’t feel like it plays for 4 minutes before it cuts off, I’ll check the time length when I get back home.

    I just made a slice on the side of the blister to access the CD
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  17. Wait, so the packaging is really what it comes in? Not even a slip included? That’s disappointing since it looks like it’ll be sliding around.
  18. What’s a slip?
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  20. A sleeve. Used to call them slips on another forum.
    Maybe the song just ends abruptly?
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