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Annie - Dark Hearts

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by robster, Jun 4, 2020.

  1. There's a disc holder attached to the card so it doesn't slide about.
  2. Ahh, ok, that’s better. Thanks!
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  3. Is anyone else’s plastic cover weirdly squished down? I can’t tell if it’s intentional or not, as it came in sturdy packaging.
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  4. This is the cutest merch item in years. Imagine being able to go in a shop and buy CDs like this. I miss the 90s!!!!!
  5. Yeah, mine was squished down as well, think it was packaged too tightly.

    I'm a little underwhelmed if I'm honest, squished plastic and the CD looks really plain. A nice digipack like the Dark Hearts CD would have been much cooler, and far easier to play!
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  6. So… how is every one else’s “No Flowers Today”? Did @Black Melody just get unlucky with a defective product?
    It certainly didn’t deserve to be the same price as the CD of Dark Hearts. The mock-up alone looked so bad but I love me a collector’s item.

    I do think including a simple protective sleeve would’ve been a good idea, or, considering the price, a mini vinyl style sleeve.
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  7. Yes also squished in the corner.
    No way of breaking into it without destroying it.
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  8. What a shame! She normally nails this kind of thing.
  9. My blister pack was so squished that it's coming away from the backing card.... So I guess I don't need to have the do I/don't I argument about opening it. Will have a listen to the track now and let you know if I spot any errors.
  10. Ok, so there is a problem, but I think it's more to do with the equipment it's being played on.

    No Flowers Today has a length of 3:09, but in both my laptop and DVD player, when it gets to around the 2:30 mark, it cuts out. My laptop is making a noise that suggests the moveable laser can't move in far enough to read the disc.....I assume it's the same problem with the DVD

    On my CD player (which is a lot older) it has no problem playing it all the way to the end.

    It's a lovely little track, by the way, down tempo and reminds me a tiny bit of Britney's Coupure Electrique.
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  11. It stops at around 2:30 for me and there is a few seconds of flicky interference just before it cuts out
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  12. Maybe it's the problem I mentioned, but your laser can reach just a little further. A tricky one, definitely get in contact with them.
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  13. Noooooo. Mine hasn't arrived yet but I fear the results.
  14. Probably gonna have to wait a while so hope my drive’s laser works properly for this! I should test out my other mini CD.
  15. The blister pack is ok on my copy, no squishing. Sadly the cd is another matter. Trying to rip it to my pc and it' starts to really struggle at around 84% of No Flowers. My cd drive is making really weird noises and has now been trying to rip it for over 30 minutes. I'm not feeling hopeful here.
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  16. I have loads of other mini CDs but they only have about 3 tracks max on them and they all play fine, I think it’s a laser thing getting to close to the edge too
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  17. Not sure if it helps, and I'm useless with technology, so it could be me.

    If you search for The Last 30 Seconds of No Flowers Today on YouTube, I've uploaded a clip so you can see if yours sounds like that.

    Won't seem to let me pop it on here.
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  18. Interesting bit from Wikipedia's article on mini-CDs:
    • The low density version holds 18 minutes, or 155 MB.
    • Other formats are 185 MB (21 mins), which has the same data density as a 650 MB full-sized CD, and 210 MB (24 mins), with the same data density as a 700 MB full-sized CD, used for "Pocket" data storage.
    So possibly it's an issue with drives not reading the higher-density formats well? @Iggypig's comment that it works in his CD player but not DVD player is reminding me of DualDiscs, which have the same problem (the CD side is a little thinner than a CD but thicker than a DVD, so DVD players' lasers can't focus on them).

    Honestly though it could also be a manufacturing defect... Didn't Annie say it was hard to find a manufacturer that still made mini-CDs? So maybe they haven't made any in a while and their equipment wasn't working quite right.

    (You can just paste the YouTube URL in the text box - I never use the "embed media" button.)
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  19. That'll be why my link wasn't working, thank you!
  20. It sounds luscious (and I would’ve preferred it on the EP rather than the Jake Shears track).
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