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Annie - Dark Hearts

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by robster, Jun 4, 2020.

  1. I never thought about trying in my DVD player, I have an old HiFi but it’s a good one (Kenwood Separate) but it works perfect in my crappy LG DVD player! Very odd.

    it’s a great EP, I love “April”, Richard X never disappoints.
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  2. Does your DVD player tray have a circle to hold the disk in place?
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  3. Annie exposing the inadequacies of PJers' A/V equipment... the power that that has.
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  4. I wasn't sure if I would open mine, but there were 2 finger prints on the disc which I could not stand to look at! I opened it very carefully along the bottom edge without completely detatching the plastic, but I don't think it's going to stand up to having the disc removed and put back very often.

    Thankfully it seems to play OK in my CD player, but I just wish I could get it onto my computer and phone.
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  5. Well, my copy don't work.
    Waited more than 3 hours for it to attempt to rip the last track and I'm left with a stuttering, distorted mess that cuts off before the end. Have tried it in 2 different computer drives and my standalone CD and Blu-ray players. Chokes and cuts off on all of them, sometime after the 2 minute mark.

    I can only presume my copy at least is a badly made CD. The Garbage disc I own plays and rips perfect and that's 2 minutes longer.
  6. Yes is does, so does my CD player, never needed any of my adapters which I tried with Annie in the CD player but it still cuts off.
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  7. The irony!
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  8. I’d suggest contacting support and maybe even Annie’s social media. Hopefully everyone who bought it would get a lossless file rather than attempting to meticulously open the package and not getting the best results.
  9. What a shame - tried to play on a couple of devices all with trays or spindles which would have thought would be fine but can never make it to the end of the final track. I’ve emailed 100% asking if there are plans to send out digital tracks
  10. I'm still waiting on my minidisc, but it should arrive any day now. If the packaging is squashed, I'll take it as a sign I'm meant to listen to the songs on equipment that might not play the disc!
  11. Oh, mine thankfully plays like a dream in my cd player. Next up let's see if I can rip it.
  12. (But is the glitch in Annie's Love Theme around the 44 second mark intentional?)
  13. The glitch is there in the download too at least.
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  14. And on Spotify as well, so it must be intentional, which it sort of sounds like, but not quite.
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  15. Let us know how you get on!
  16. So it arrived and I ripped it easily with an antique CD drive. The bonus song (the synths...oh my God they're so good...) cuts out too early. A shame but I expect we'll get it again in full.
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  17. Do you mean cuts out too early intentionally or as a glitch as described above by others?
  18. I was an early apologist of the blister pack design because I thought it was an original idea for a collector's item that you'd have to practically destroy if you wanted to get the CD out (not sure why I think that's cool but I do, don't @ me!). What I didn't realise is that the CD would be simply attached to the cardboard back with no other form of protection – I thought there would be a tiny jewel case or something. So I'm not very impressed with the execution of this idea at all, and considering I would probably not be able to listen to the bonus track properly I think I'll leave my copy unopened and just wait for Annie to send out a .wav.
  19. I’ll leave it up to chance. I know there’s a way to pristinely open and reseal a blister pack (you learn a lot of tips being an amiibo collector) but it sounds like a lot of work for a potential misfire with the ripping so I just hope Annie got enough complaints to illicit a “hey guys, some of you have shit equipment are having a hard time ripping so here’s the file!”

    Honestly, surprised she didn’t already send a digital version since that packaging is so consumer unfriendly.
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  20. Oh, definitely a glitch.
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