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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RHOPJ, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. Because one Annie thread is not enough.

    This is an album of sublime pop beauty that does not get the credit it deserves on here. It's one of the best albums I've ever heard and for a long period of time I only listened to this and Arular. About a year later Juliet released Random Order and it was like an amazing pop trinity. Anniemal is like a fine wine and improves with age the more you get into it.

    John Earls proclaimed it something along the lines of, "one of the great lost pop albums of the twenty-first' century. It's the reason I'm so dedicated to Annie and her pop genius. People on here will throw in albums like Come And Get It, State Of Mind, Hilary Duff and some other overrated stuff. Pah. Anniemal is superior to all of them!

    We must talk about how amazing it is. We just need to, bitches!


    Annie - Anniemal (679 Recordings)

    1. "Intro"
    2. "Chewing Gum"
    3. "Always Too Late"
    4. "Me Plus One"
    5. "Heartbeat"
    6. "Helpless Fool for Love"
    7. "Anniemal"
    8. "No Easy Love"
    9. "Happy Without You"
    10. "Greatest Hit"
    11. "Come Together"
    12. "My Best Friend"


    The Guardian: "Pop music is far too vital too be left to the fickle tastes of children. Norwegian singer Annie is that strange beast, a pop star that adults can get over-excited about...there isn't a duff track here." A

    Uncut: "It excels at that classic pop trick of combining the euphoric with the melancholy."

    Stylus Magazine: "If you come expecting a great album full of hit singles, you won’t get it. If you come with an open mind, what will greet you is the opening chapter of a tale about a girl living through music, remembering through music, exploring her art and herself, starting out to create something special and different."

    Tiny Mix Tapes: "Perfect pop bliss."

    PopMatters: Pierre Hamilton called Anniemal "riveting" for how "it lacks the waxy sheen."

    I call it amazing!
  2. I think it has some brilliant moments on it like "Chewing Gum", "Me Plus One" and "Heartbeat". I don't think the album flows particularly well though. You've got tracks full of pop hooks and then others that seem to be devoid of chorus. It's all just a bit too much of a jumble for my tastes; I find it hard to listen to all the way through.
  3. Actually, so did I at first. But it's not an album of big pop singles. Yet the smaller moments are sometimes the best ones (for me) on Anniemal.
  4. justabluefox

    justabluefox Guest

    I love this album! It was actually very instant for me.

    I especially love The Intro, Chewing Gum, Always Too Late, Heartbeat, Anniemal, Me Plus One and Helpless Fool for Love. The album is really good!

    I need to look up the lyrics to Me Plus One. I always get confused!

    Anyway, anyone reading this who doesn't have the album, get it!
  5. Yes, of course I love the classics ('Heartbeat', 'Chewing Gum', 'Greatest Hit', etc.), but am I the only one who finds 'No Easy Love' beyond incredible? It's so smooth, like a fine wine.
  6. No Easy Love is good but in my opinion not incredible. The only songs on the album I would call incredible are Heartbeat, Anniemal & Chewing Gum. Me Plus One, Helpless For Love & Always Too Late are great. Happy Without You, Greatest Hit & No Easy Love are good. Come Together is really long but still good. Kiss Me (I consider it an album track) suffers the same problem. My Best Friend is pretty bad, to me. Although as a whole, on an all the way through is truly a fantastic album. I think Don't Stop is better though.
  7. Retro? Questionable.

    Good? Yes.
  8. Retro? Never. Not even in ten years time.
  9. Hmm. I'd say the opposite. I've always thought of it as a very retro-sounding record. It certainly doesn't doesn't like it could be from the future...but that's not to say it isn't infinitley fresh.

    There, I just confused myself with all the double negatives.
  10. My view on it is that it's not an album that will date. Because it doesn't sound particularly 80s or 90s. It's influences are retro (in most cases) and it's production is a bit messy in places but the lack of glossy sheen improves it for me.

    When I listen to it I feel as though I know Annie even if I actually don't. That's rare for a pop album.

    I'd like to add that My Best Friend by itself is a bit strange but in the context of the album it's brilliant. Annie's voice, which is very narrow, sounds beautifully melancholic on it. Someone also wrote on that Rachel thread about how Come And Get It could have any singer on it. (They mentioned Annie for some reason.) Put it this way - you could not remove Annie from Anniemal and replace her with someone else. It wouldn't be the same album. It's an Annie album. She wrote a great deal of it. It's full of her personality and lyrics. And her voice.
  11. You are a very confusing chap at times! But aren't we all?
  12. There we go! That's why I like her so much, I knew there was something I was struggling to pinpoint and articulate. Cheers.
  13. MOP

    MOP Guest

    I don't like it that much.
  14. It's not the masterpiece they make it out to be.
  15. MOP

    MOP Guest

    Heartbeat, Chewing Gum and Me Plus One are all great, but the rest just slide into each other, and although that may be some people's idea of a classy, slinky, electro-pop album and they may love it (I truly understand how you could), it generally doesn't make a very good listening experience to me. Maybe I need to be more mature, maybe I need to listen to it more, maybe I need to hear it in the right environment, it just doesn't click.
  16. I love the album. Me Plus One, Chewing Gum, Heartbeat, Greatest Hit, and Always Too Late are great pop songs in their own right. For the rest of the songs, they're less instant to me, but I agree that they feel like they connect on a personal level. It's the kind of thing where I'll have to sit down and listen to the album straight through instead of throwing them on my iPod so I hear one on shuffle.
  17. multimediac17

    multimediac17 Moderator

    I never really liked this album either, although 'Chewing Gum' remains one of the best pop songs of the decade
  18. There's no small writing necessary, it's certainly not a perfect album. But the tracks that are good are great, and that's why I keep coming back for more. Especially Always Too Late.
  19. Oh please. I think it's a masterpiece, I rate it so highly I do, but there's not a huge cabal of people who think it's a masterpiece. Yes, it was very acclaimed by critics and deservedly so in my opinion. I think they're mostly right.

    I suppose it's like people who think Come And Get or State Of Mind are 'classic' albums. Anniemal isn't really considered as such by the general public or given much time of day by anybody. Not that I think it's anything like those albums at all (I would say it's much better) but this thread can readdress the balance and give people a chance to reevaluate what I think is one of the most unfairly ignored pop records of the last decade.

    (Kirkland cheers. Juliet's Random Order is next.)
  20. Well I think it's a fantastic album, all I was trying to say it's not perfect, it's not the most instant, or for that matter the most exciting album when it's clear that Kirkland truly believes this album is brilliant. And I agree, but I wouldn't expect many to agree that its as good as you think it is, because it's one of those album that gets better as you listen to it.
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