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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RHOPJ, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. I don't like Tube Stops.
  2. I don't like it either. I love it.
  3. It's all about the amazing crescendo which ends the song for me.
  4. Can I say that the only thing that prevents the video from being a 10/10 for me is that her lipstick is quite clearly bleeding in some scenes (without being ripped to shreds by all of you on here)?
  5. I hope we'll get another "Take You Home" at some point.
  6. It's a bit 90's underground rave for me. I never 'got' that particular genre and it just sounds like noise to me. I like the majority of the songs she has released so far though.
  7. Lof


    We can actually make an album with all the songs Annie and Richard X have wrote together now.
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  8. I LOVED rave. I still do. The old skool is the best. My brother and sisters were at the right age for all-night raves in the fields. I remember dancing around my living room to D-Mob's We Call It Acieeed as a kid and loving it. Of course I had no idea people danced like that because they were on drugs...
  9. I have a playlist, actually. It's marked The Best Pop Music Ever.
  10. I love rave. This whole campaign has been perfect.
  11. See i didn't even know the EP was out, not coming into this thread has come back to bite my arse big time! I am so pathetic!
  12. my A&R album looks like this (if I had more time the other day, I would've made it flow differently, but this flows rather well, actually):

    01. Just Friends
    02. Intro
    03. Chewing Gum
    04. Me Plus One
    05. Two of Hearts
    06. Ferret Summer
    07. I Know UR Girlfriend Hates Me
    08. Songs Remind Me of You
    09. Anthonio
    10. Back Together
    11. Hold on
    12. Ralph Macchio
    13. Invisible
    14. Mixed Emotions

    I could've included 'Crush,' but it seems it's been lost from my portable hard drive.
  13. Can we please change the thread title to "ANNIE."? It doesn't feel right just being Annie. any more.
  14. I'mma need a Back Together/Get Together mash-up IMMEDIATELY.
  15. Lof


    My A&R album goes like this:

    1.- Just Friends
    2.- Intro
    3.- Chewing Gum
    4.- Crush
    5.- Me Plus One
    6.- Ralph Macchio
    7.- Two of Hearts
    8.- I Know Your Girlfriend Hates Me
    9.- Back Together
    10.- Songs Remind Me Of You
    11.- Anthonio
    12.- Hold On
    13.- Ferret Summer
    14.- Annie (though it's from Anthonio)
    15.- Invisible
    16.- Mixed Emotions
  16. I considered sending Breakfast2 a PM. I think he'd do it for me.
  17. All these Annie avatars! I want one!!!!
  18. I had Flapjack make my avatar!
  19. Lof


  20. The Back Together video is made for screen capping!
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