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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RHOPJ, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. She performs very, very rarely. She's not great, if I'm being honest.

    Annie works best as a mysterious voice with limited media exposure anyway.
  2. She doesn't tend to perform live anymore apart from DJ gigs, but we all live in eternal hope. Live? She's had some brilliant live reviews, and some terrible live performances. Her voice is thin, so when she strained it goes everywhere. But when she got it right...I recall the Guardian gave her a glowing review for a live gig where she got the crowd to follow her around - wouldn't we all follow her around anyway? I can't find it, but I found this really good article about her:
  3. What I enjoy about Annie's music is how she really is about what Pop music should be in my eyes, something very well produced and sparkly, but with a clever and funny twist (of course some gloominess is always allowed, but you have Post Punk for that tehee), songs like I Don't Like Your Band and Ralph Macchio are such great little pop gems because they have a kind of humour that doesn't necessarily translate into ironical cynism, but just smart fun
  4. My queen.
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  5. Anniemal and Don't Stop are necessary albums.
  6. Are there any video interviews of Annie? I don't think I've ever heard her speak.
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  7. Well I, for one, think Stefan and Annie make a perfect pairing. I just want a bunch of Tears in the Rain type electroballadry.
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  8. There was a great video of her asking fans to enter a competition, but she fled Island Records before the winner could be announced and there was never any winner! I think though that we all won when Annie decided to appear in our lives. The clip, sadly, is no longer on YouTube. The Elusive Chewinggumeuse remains elusive.
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  9. He


    I think she might not be great live but only because she lacks the live singing experience. Even the thinnest of voices can be trained to work in a live setting.

    She should maybe add some live vocals to her DJ-gigs , ala Little Boots.

    Hell, have joint DJ tour!
  10. I saw her perform a tiny acoustic set at a Virgin Megastore when Anniemal was released and it was incredible. Her performance of "Heartbeat" actually broke 17-year-old me.
  11. I would love to experience Annie live.
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  12. I honestly wouldn't give a fuck if she was shit. Just being in her presence and confirming that yes, she is a real life person would be enough.

    I'll settle for being her Facebook friend for now.

    Even then I can't be sure she's real.
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  13. I've said in the past that I'd be at the front of the row, screaming, weeping and wailing. No-one would hear anything else. I never got a chance to see her DJ live, but that isn't the same as an actual gig. I want so much for her to tour and perform her music live. It's definitely an ambition for me. I wouldn't give a fuck how she sounded...just to reach out and believe!
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  14. I'd probably be slain in the spirit as soon as the lights went down honestly.
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    Let's crowdfund her tour, or something.

    The thing is getting her daytime job to agree to it.
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  16. Uno


    I've only just discovered Anthonio's "Annie" -- so good! It's always fun to hear two different songs on the same instrumental. The singers voice is so sexy.

    iTunes music suggestions finally get it right.
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  17. He


    Anthonio changed my life.
  18. 18 years later, this still possesses an almost other-worldly & transcendental potency. The sheer ecstasy that hits just as those juddering elastic synths and baseline combine is still so unbelievable.

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  20. Well I'm aroused.
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