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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by RHOPJ, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. If folks have a rather large Annie-sized hole in their lives at present, might I suggest giving Charlotte Gainsbourg's new album Rest a listen.
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  2. Not cool, bro.
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  3. Annie does feature on this track though! Came out a week or two ago.

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  4. Listen to that, then watch this.

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  5. Just saw this bumped, got sad, and listened to No Easy Love.

    So I guess it all worked out in the end.
  6. Anybody noticed that on Annie's Facebook? Someone commented about her dj set in Madrid this week and Annie answered:
  7. That was me. She definitely has an album coming at some point 'soon', this was confirmed by Stefan Storm (The Sound of Arrows) when I met him a couple of months ago, he said they've worked a lot on the record together. He seemed to be 100% positive it's a proper album, not a standalone EP. Bring it on Annie!
  8. She changed her Facebook picture. Which probably means nothing but makes me think something is about to happen ...
  9. My heart always starts pounding when I see this bumped. I’ve been craving new Annie tunes. Come through, my Queen.
  10. They just played Loco at a shop I'm in, then I saw this thread bump and started to believe in signs. Alas!
  11. Why Stefan though, Annie.
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  12. Why not? They work well together. Love the track they did on the new SOA album. Also they are good friends it seems from their facebook interactions.
  13. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    I'm sure whatever she releases will be filled with trademark Annieness.

    Facebook has reminded me of the time I put You're so loco, everybody knows that you're a homo as my status update, so I instantly gravitated towards this thread.
  14. Wow, this has been bumped due to actual activity in Annieland?!
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  16. Do I need to delay my discography rate?
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  17. English version

    Annie: "I've been working with Stefan from The Sound of Arrows and this year we'll show what we've done"

    Speaking of her visit to Madrid today, January 25, framed within the Absolut Manifesto festival , we spoke with the pop artist and Norwegian DJ Annie . In a telephone conversation in which she is charming, laughing constantly, we review her career with her, why she has been publishing her latest album for almost 10 years, her vision of contemporary music and, what is more interesting, if she is working in new music.

    Absolute Manifesto takes place on January 25, 26 and 27 in the Casa de Campo Satellite Pavilion with the aim of promoting "creativity as the engine of progress". Other featured artists in the event are SOPHIE, Lorenzo Senni, Blondage or 18+.

    Hi Annie. How are you?
    Hello! Well, I'm fine, thanks.

    Great! If I'm not mistaken, I'm calling Norway, right? Do you live again there? Because, if I'm not misinformed, you used to live in Berlin, right?
    Yes, I am in Norway, but I keep a house in Berlin, I come and go constantly.

    Although it is very direct, I have to start asking you why our readers who have been following you for some time will be eager to know: are you working on new music?
    [Laughs] Yes! The truth is that the last year and a half I've been working with a Swedish producer called Stefan Storm [Ndr: as she herself will stand out later, it's about half of the duo The Sound of Arrows], who lives in Stockholm. We met in Berlin and started working there, then we spent seasons together, here in my house in Bergen, in the country, or in their house in Stockholm, and we did a lot of things. I think it will be this year when we finally show at least something of what we have been doing. At last! [Laughs]

    Because it's been two and a half years since you published 'Endless Vacation', almost 5 years since 'The A & R' ... These are atypical terms in the music industry.
    Yes, totally.

    You do not show too much urgency to publish new songs. Is there a why?
    One of the reasons is that I've been working on music that is something different from what I've been doing before. It's not that I've taken to making folk music or anything like that [laughs], but it's something different from 'The A & R' and 'Endless Vacation'. I needed time to develop these new ideas completely, before showing them.

    Wow! And how is it?
    It's very melodic ... Well, it's a very "Annie" sound, but it's not like my latest releases.

    What you can not deny is that for a while you seem more interested in publishing short formats, singles and EPs than albums. Why do you prefer that format right now?
    Well, it was easier to ... I had some ideas of "small projects", I found it more stimulating at that time. ' Endless Vacation ' was an album, in a way, on vacation [laughs], and ' The A & R ' was a record to dance. And of course, it is evident that people consume more singles than records. It was a combination of both: the trend in the industry and my feelings and ideas in those moments. I'm not going to tell you exactly what we're going to get out, but I can say it's going to be more than just a single ... [Laughs]

    Your second (and last, for the moment) album ' Don't Stop ' came out a long time ago too, in 2009. As I understand it, its publication was complicated for you, and caused your departure from the multinational Island Records. In a way, did that change your way of seeing what it means to be an artist?
    Definitely changed my way of seeing ... Obviously, I've always been linked to the industry and a record label, whether they were large or independent, and in both cases I've had good experiences. But of course that made me distrust the seals more than I did and I realized that there are many things you can do for yourself, it's another form of freedom, you do not need a big seal behind. Obviously, at the time it was very frustrating but, from a distance, I see it as a good learning and in a way I was lucky. Everything, be in big or small stamps, has its good and bad things, and everything teaches you.

    Of all your releases, which one are you most proud of?
    It's hard. I really love 'The A & R', it's a good album. But I'm pretty proud of ' Russian Kiss'[Ndr: a song-protest against the Russian government for its social policies and anti-LGTB +, coinciding with the celebration of the Socchi Winter Games], which had a political vision, was very interesting too, maybe more as a global concept that strictly musical. It was really cool to do something with a bigger meaning than just posting a song. I'm pretty proud of that. When you take time in music, you realize that it is not just about making songs, you have to develop something, it has to be interesting. I am proud of those projects, but what I am most proud of is what I am preparing now, is to go a step further, a new life for the Annie project. I am very excited about what will come this year and what may happen in the future.

    Since you're dating 'Russian Kiss', are not you planning something to coincide with the celebration of the Russian Football World Cup this summer?
    [Laughs] No ... It's not that I'm especially obsessed with Russia. Of course, the situation for many people there is terrible, but unfortunately that happens to many more in many other parts of the world and I can not pretend to help everyone. No, there are no plans in that sense, but if an idea arose that could help, I would do it, it would be interesting to do something similar again.

    Tomorrow [Ndr: for today], you will be playing at the Absolut Manifesto festival. It is an event with a social conscience, promoting gender equality and free sexual choice. In what way is it inspiring to participate in something like this?
    It means a lot to me to participate in a festival with those values. I have many LGTBI + friends and I know their circumstances, so yes, it is very inspiring. I love participating in this type of events because there is also a very funny atmosphere, there are very good vibrations, with which it is easy to connect and I love being part of that.

    So, how do you propose this session?
    I'm going to put very festive material, it's going to be a great party. I have not been to Madrid for many years and I do not really know what the club scene is like today, but I have prepared a very funny set.

    In recent times you've been, at least publicly, focused on your DJ side, which is what you started doing in the late 90s. How has the club scene changed from then until now?
    It has changed a lot! When I started 16 years ago here in Bergen, which is not a very big city, there were a lot of less DJs and a lot less clubs. But it's funny, because my feeling is that, at least here in Norway, it has been fluctuating a lot over these years: there have been periods of great night activity, many clubs and parties with which people identified and felt that it formed part of something, but suddenly they disappeared little by little. Now it seems that they are returning to resurface, it is something interesting. When I was part of the compilation DJ-Kicks, especially, I had a lot of work as a DJ, and it was very stimulating, but the truth is that I prefer to work in the studio and just make music. It helps me evolve.

    Your career as a composer is based above all on refreshing old ways of understanding house and pop music. Do you like the music that is made today? What are your new favorite artists?
    Yes, there are many good things, but my problem is that I usually forget the names ... [Laughs] For example, I told you that I'm working with Stefan [Ndr: Storm], and he has a great project called The Sound of Arrows ...

    Sure, I know them.
    They released an album a few months ago [Ndr: ' Stay Free '] and it's brilliant, refreshing. Good pop music He has a great compositional quality, and that's why I like to work with him, he's a great producer, a great composer and he creates really interesting sounds. I like that a lot. But of course I buy many singles that I listen to here and there and I like them ... I like Kiddy Smile , it's fantastic ... Those things. You should make me a list, really. [Laughs]

    What is your attitude towards current currents in pop, trap, Latin and Caribbean rhythms such as dembow and reggaetón?
    I think it's a very fun time for pop music, in general. There are very good things, very good rhythms. I admit that it's not quite my type of sound type, but it's fun, really. Here in Norway, for example, we have Kygo, Alan Walker, all that. It's not my roll, honestly.

    I suppose you know that a young Norwegian girl, Sigrid ...
    Yes! It's from Bergen!

    Exact. She has won the BBC Sound of 2018 , which can be just marketing but also an important exhibition for her. Do you know her personally?
    No, I do not know her personally, but her manager is one of my best friends. Well, it's from Bergen, so, being a small city, I know a lot of people related to it. She is doing very well, she seems a very good girl, she seems very healthy and I am very happy for her. Although it does not take long in music it seems that it is taking things slowly and that is very good. It will be very cool to see how it develops.

    As a woman who has been in the pop world for a few years, what would be your advice for her and her career?
    I do not know if I am the one to give advice, but I would say that what he is doing is very intelligent: when these things happen to you, you can become a little crazy, and it is better to take it very calmly, not to use all your energy in anything that you do. If you take things slowly and space your throws, you can have a longer career, not force yourself too much. I have seen many artists have a depression for that, letting themselves be carried away by a frenetic pace. Sigrid seems very smart, it will be interesting to see what she will do in the future.
  18. @Skyferreira @Robynkonichiwa
  19. Thanks for posting! Great interview, only improved by the occasional lost in translations

  20. Sigrid and her manager being referred to as "it" made chuckle.
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