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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RHOPJ, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. Well...I just think it wouldn´t be Annie anniemore. I mean, let´s face it: Annie and Ruth Chromatic are not exactly the best vocalists, but they both found a way to use their voice (and image) to the best effect. I don´t know what Annie could bring to Chromatics, that Ruth doesn´t bring (in spades).
    That´s no diss! But I´d prefer if Annie would stay out of the entry-level satanic image factory of Mr. Jewel.
    Pop needs her more!
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  2. You say this like it's a bad thing.

    I, personally, want Annie and Chromatics to do a broken/desolate cover of Berlin's 'Take My Breath Away'.
  3. It took me a solid 30 seconds to realize y'all weren't talking about Chromatica.

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  4. I listened to it today and had to make sure that it wasn´t some fan made stuff from 2011.
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  5. [​IMG]
  6. This suddenly makes me want an album tease that basically mimics this:
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  7. Give me Cabin in the Woods-meets-Twin Peaks, after @robster dropped that "abandoned building in the forest by the ocean" tidbit. Who Killed Annie Pjälmúr?
  8. She has finally recorded an album?
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  9. So how soon is now? I need to hear some new Annie songs about right now.
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  10. You’ll get the Twin Peaks meets cabin in the woods fantasy once you hear your first taste of the album! Throw in a fine dose of dream-state romanticism for good measure!
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  11. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I want more baby I want more
  12. It might take forever
    We could grow and change together
    If you listen, you might discover
    A new sound
    A new voice
    A new love
  13. My psychic powers told me...
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  14. Hey Annie is such an amazing album opener. I need to listen to it now.
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  16. I did wonder! It sort of sounds like her though, and it appears on her Apple Music discography (but then they often can't differentiate between two acts of the same name).
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  17. Greatest Hit
    Chewing Gum
    Me Plus One
    My Heartbeat
    No Easy Love
    Songs Remind Me Of You

    My ultimate Annie mini-playlist, right there...
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  18. Listening to this on repeat while high and wow... this is so excellent.

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  19. ^ Not to overshare but that is one of the Annie songs I have had sex to.
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