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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RHOPJ, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. Take You Home is a masterpiece
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  2. But it only lasts for 4:27...!?!
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  3. Top5 Annie.
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  4. So does @P'NutButter.
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  5. I could defend it, but it was a good four minutes.

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  6. Don't worry about it. E0152E33-5FB3-4E66-80EA-DA5D474B10E1.jpeg
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  7. Wait was this split out from the Annie album thread? I'm confused.
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  8. This forum is falling apart at the seams.
  9. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Yes, I split it out. Don't Stop has its own album thread already (consolidated from a bunch of smaller threads) and so it made sense to have a separate Dark Hearts one that would come up as the first result when you searched for Annie's name (as results are listed in reverse chronological order).

    This thread comes up right at the end of the search results if you search for Annie's name, and because her name is so common there are quite a few search results. (Also, this thread has 896 pages without the Dark Hearts discussion, and threads tend to go berserk around here once they approach the 1000-page mark.)

    We're moving towards a general thread structure of one general discussion thread plus one thread per era for most artists (with only the current album thread and the general discussion thread being unlocked), with a view to possibly having a separate General Discussion subforum at some point after the new server goes up (so that the fifteenth post about an old Britney album doesn't bump the thread up to page 1 of Pop & Justice, and we don't end up with all artists with no current era being moved to Comeback Corner).
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  10. Spotify continuing to get very confused today...!
  11. another reason to leave this nasty little company
  12. someone please share no flowers today i'm begging
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  13. I messaged her on Instagram to find out if we’ll ever have it on streaming… No response…
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  14. i bothered several gays on discogs and apparently none of them opened the packaging right now and ALSO haven't heard the bonus track too i-
  15. The way this was spot on.
  16. It really does sound like Caribbean Blue.
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  17. So, Annie posted recently on her instagram, she's been in the studio.
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  18. I messaged her freaking out a bitsy. And as gracious as Miss Strand always is, she responded saying we will be getting more new music!
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  19. Make it zippy this time, Annie!
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  20. Her version of She’s Like The Wind is just perfection.
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