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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RHOPJ, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. WAIT I literally just got into Julee Cruise that would end me if Annie explored that sound.
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  2. I think she might be trying to kill me with that description.
  3. Well... I can't give too much away about the sound of the new album just yet, but "dream pop" is a very good description. She is a fan of Julee Cruise and David Lynch and some of it has a bit of Julee vibe to it I guess. These songs that I have heard are more mid tempo/laidback but still very her.
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  4. Who produced the upcoming single? Stefan, Richard X? Both of them? Is there any plan of physical release the EP/album?
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  5. The album is apparently all Annie/Stefan. They were seen on Instagram a lot last year. @saintsigurd will know better, of course.

  6. There was this absolutey stunning snippet posted last year. It definitely sounds dreamy, and amazing.
  7. I've always loved 'Marie Cherie', so the idea of more eerie synth pop from Annie is overwhelming to say the least. I'm fucking ready.
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  8. Putting aside my crankiness about Stefan… it would be a shame if Richard weren't involved even just for a little bit. He's been present on everything else she's ever released.
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  9. The sound of the new album fits her voice like a glove. A sort of dream-state, melancholic, breezy, sexy and captivating. It inhabits that previously mentioned David Lynch type world of cold, stormy, abandoned asphalt meets woods near the coast with waves crashing mixed with some dashes of french nouvelle vague movie soundtrack, set in the south of France sometime after the sun set after a warm day...
  10. Just checked out Stefan's site and this image is the placeholder for Annie's 3rd album:
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  11. It’s cool but I hope it’s a placeholder image, I want Annie herself on the cover!
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  12. I love that! TITANIC realness!
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    I´d drop Ralph Macchio and add six or seven (or eight) of her other songs and the search for the perfect pop album would be over.
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  14. I am forever an Annie X disciple so with luck there's something. Even a remix!
  15. Yeah, they´re the perfect match!

    I´m a bit apprehensive about the Julee Cruise/David Lynch-thing. I mean I just listened to Floating Into The Night again a few days nights ago...and I´m always floored by it. (Rockin´Back Inside My Heart is just incredible). One thing I don´t exactly see in Annie is that extremely dark and disturbing edge that Julee sells so well on those Badalamenti songs. But we´ll see...
    (Hey, did you know that Lynch tried to license Song To The Siren by This Mortal Coil/Cocteau Twins as early as Blue Velvet, but he couldn´t afford the fee. He tried it again for Twin Peaks bit still couldn´t get the rights so he sat down with Badalamenti and told him to do write something similar. That´s how we got Julee Cruise!
    He finally could secure the rights for Lost Highway.)
    EDIT: Is there a Julee Cruise-thread somewhere? I don´t want to derail the Annie love.
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  16. Someone needs to have a talk with her. When recording on VHS always use SLP not SP.
  18. That description is exactly what I'd want from her. Kinda scary/exciting.
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  19. Well this sounds extremely promising, damn.
  20. I could cry.
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