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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RHOPJ, Jun 23, 2009.

  2. And we'll hear the first single soon!

    Has it really been eleven years since Don't Stop?
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  3. No. Technically it's 12, for some of it.
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  4. I’m really looking forward to an album from her. The EPs have been great but there’s something about having a real meaty piece (hi) of material from her that’s so exciting.
  5. Somehow it is difficult to process that it will only be her third album.
  6. Who could drop Ralph Macchio?
  7. That’s my fave on the flawless A&R. It’s bubblegum, it’s synth, it’s cheesy, it’s cool. I fucking love it.
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  8. Mannie!
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  9. I forgot to add, do we think the new album is called Play or is that just part of the retro VHS aesthetics?
  10. Glad to know we got our album of the year 2021 already sorted. I'm ready Annie.

    edit: Alright, 2020 then
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  11. I don't know, but we should find out the details in June. A new single and then the album a few months later. I'm still slightly amazed this is happening but my God I needed it.
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  12. Linda Perhacs? Shaking.

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  13. Mine too!
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  14. Probably I am asking for too much, but I would be more than happy to hear The Night Within Us in a proper version, not bits from the short movie. B-side or bonus track on the album maybe?
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  15. YES. It is a great lost Annie song and the one I really want to hear.
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  16. With A&R's 5 tracks, Endless Vacation's 4, plus the various one off things and collaborations like Tube Stops, Take a Look At the World and Russian Kiss, it's almost like we got a third album drip-fed to us over a few years after Don't Stop.
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  17. Genuinely forgot about this entirely. I do want this.
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  18. It's probably far enough along as a project, but the mentions of Annie doing atmospheric, Twin Peaks-style dream pop have me wanting her to collab with Johnny Jewel?

  19. But wouldn´t that sound exactly like Chromatics (and the 666 other IdiB Projects)?
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  20. I mean, would you turn down Annie vocals on a Chromatics song? I wouldn't!
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