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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RHOPJ, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. Hannah Robinson mentioned a Metro Boomin and Travis Scott track that sampled “Songs Remind Me of You” on the latest edition of Steve Anderson’s podcast.

    I couldn’t that track, but I did find this one that samples Anthonio:

    Is there another with Songs Remind Me of You?
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  2. Russian Kiss popped up on my playlist and it feels horribly apt right now. Who would believe Annie gifted the world a Putin diss track?
  3. Annie's Spotify page has become an algorithmic fever dream of mismatched nonsense. And yet let's be honest, the album art for 'Endless Vacation' fits right in!
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  4. I know, it’s so annoying! It feels like every week a new song by ‘Annie’ makes it into my Release Radar.
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  5. I would love Annie to do a really cold, menacing cover of Hard Knock Life.
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  6. Or maybe, The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow? I'm surprised she hasn't done anything the musical Annie related just for shits and giggles.
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  7. You mean to say to tell me this new ‘Welcome Summer’ EP that dropped isn’t Annie moving into sounds of nature. Sigh.
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  8. I'd actually love that. I've quite enjoyed her covers. Her version of She's Like The Wind was a delight and a surprise.
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  9. Corridors of Time is absolutely tearing me up on this warm summer evening. There's something so strange, sad and menacing about it... Yet it also feels very human at the same time. It's just transcedent. God, I love Annie. That outro is like being taken up into the heavens.

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  11. I thought new music was forthcoming. My breathing!
  12. Stefan Storm and Annie are a dream duo, and Stefan is sexy as fuck. So more of everything please, whenever.
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  13. Just not on mini-CD next time, please
  14. I completely missed the Neon Nights EP. April is amazing.
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  15. She’s back in the studio, according to her Instagram story! She replied immediately to my reaction of excitement and we’ve had a nice exchange of messages. She is so easy to stan!
  16. Had a similar experience right before Neon Nights hit. Hope we’re close to a release!
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  17. I’d love if she gave us a daytime sequel to the nighttime mood of Dark Hearts, similar to what Stefan did with the Sound of Arrows albums.
  18. I’ve been obsessed with this remix of Heartbeat lately. Anniemal is one those classic albums that I’ll just never get sick of.

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  19. The Heartbeat remixes are so good.

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