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Annoying Things Pop Artists Do/Have Done

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by bonnieetclyde, Nov 10, 2019.

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  1. 1. Cabaret versions of their biggest hits in order to ‘freshen things up’.
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  2. Re-recording their biggest hits that add nothing to the original (Bucks Fizz) and Limahl re-recording all the Kajagoogoo/Kaja singles, even those he didn't sing on for a few budget compilations in the 90's

    Unnecessary cover versions at a gig, when they have such an amazing back catalogue (a lot of it unplayed live or rarely played live (Toyah, Blondie)

    Unnecessary cover versions on an album (Gary Numan's Machine and Soul)
  3. Bloody Christmas albums, surely there's a special place in hell reserved for most of them.
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  4. Break up via Twitlongers.
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  5. Every time Blondie play Liverpool they always throw in a Beatles cover when I'd sell a kidney for them to do 'Slow motion' or 'Shayla' or something!
  6. Bloody hell, forgotten those two, brilliant tracks - have they ever played them?
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  7. Probably not since the 70s! I was hoping for a 40th anniversary 'Eat to the beat' tour but I guess they're trying to only tour new material which is fair enough I guess.
  8. They played Shayla on their comeback tour in 1998 along with Living in the real world and previously played Shayla in 1979, I've never seen them play Slow motion in all the times I've seen Blondie, though they did play it in 1979/1980

    I saw Debbie on the Debravation tour in 1993 and she played Faces and Go Through it from Autoamerican, Rifle Range and Shayla
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  9. Pretend that certain songs don't exist, just because they weren't a big hit.
  10. Album 'reimaginings'.......Kate and Alanis for starters.

    Putting the wrong versions of songs or actual new songs on standard reissues/remasters......Kate again and Morrissey.

    Releasing vinyl or download only albums and neglecting CDs......Tove Lo, Muna, Say Lou Lou et al. How can a straightforward CD in a cardboard sleeve be more expensive to produce that multiple different colour 'limited' edition records.
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  11. I think I've seen them do Shayla, but would love Slow Motion, as well as Danceaway and Fan Mail.
  12. Reissues/Remasters that mess with the original cover art or original tracklisting.
    (Cyndi Lauper, Morrissey, Phil Collins, David Sylvian.. to name a few)
  13. I hate when they say their newest album is their best work. I know they do it as they're trying to sell it to the public but when it's clearly not their best work it bugs me.
  14. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    Releasing acoustic versions and live versions. Hate them all.

    Inconsistent album / single artwork across a campaign.
  15. Changing their names ie Natalia Kills to Teddy Sinclair.
  16. 10 years since the last studio album despite churning out tonnes of other stuff and being on tour in various guises forever.............Erlend Øye & Kings Of Convenience.
  17. inconsistent single formats like a bunch of singles coming with instrumentals and suddenly omitting them on one or two releases lol
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  18. Stupid lame cash in Christmas albums (Kylie)

    Ignoring certain songs/albums that they don’t like (spice girls)

    poor promo for an album that was worthy of being huge

    using the same music formula for years and not evolving (Pink)

    Feat artists = over done

    saying their own god damn name in their songs (redone / Jason D)

    Overly done Adlibs and showing off (Beyoncé/ Christina A)

    singers that insist they sing live but don’t (Cheryl Tweedy)
  19. Change record companies, so that the likelihood of a comprehensive best of/greatest hits/DVD diminishes significantly.

    Omitting singles, especially those that were hits, from compilations just because they 'don't like them'.

    Remixing their hits for compilation albums/tampering with them in any way so that they're not the actual versions people know.

    Keep going well past their prime/long after quality control has left the building, so as to cheapen and diminish their own legacy.

    Release live DVDs instead of DVDs with all of their music videos on it.

    Act all annoyed when unreleased tracks they don't own the rights to get unearthed and added to re-issued albums as an incentive for fans to buy, and try to veto them (hello Bananarama!).

    Deny ever recording/the existence of unreleased tracks which then later leak.

    Talk about unreleased tracks that will never see the light of day.

    Fill an album with 20 tracks, 40% of which is filler, just because there's more space on a CD that can be filled/B-sides are no longer a thing (hello Tori Amos!).

    Disown previous songs/albums, particularly when they were good and liked by most fans.

    Become born again/get brainwashed by religion.

    And, perhaps worst of all, involve their offspring in the recording sessions in any way, shape or form.
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  20. Become a judge on one of those TV karaoke/no talent contest shows and act like some mediocre-at-best wannabe no-name Z-lister who'll never be heard of again once the show ends is the best thing you've ever heard/seen.

    Doing weight loss TV commercials when your last hit was 20 years ago and you've never actually really had a weight problem.

    Embracing your gay audience because no-one else cares anymore and they're all you've got. Start wearing pink sequined outfits and doing cheap, camp disco covers because you think that's what all gay fans want/like.
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