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Annoying things they do in TV shows

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Deleted member 5343, Apr 20, 2015.

  1. When they never use a mouse on a computer. Doesn't matter what they are doing they always type on the keyboard. They'll be searching for a folder, opening a document, editing a picture, whatever and they just type commands in or something. No one ever clicks on things with a damn mouse!
  2. The never ending cycle of being adopted, being raped, being secretly related, being not-dead.

    *Previously is entirely about a secondary character who hasn't been mentioned for a few episodes anyway*
  4. Having certain characters escape death 100000000 times.

  5. I love it when they do all of this hard work on a computer that's not even plugged in.
  6. My absolute pet hate is when they are drinking from a cup with a straw and they insist on using that slurping sound effect that makes it sound like the cup is almost empty on every bloody sip they take!!

    That and when scenes have been refilmed and you notice they're hand is in a different position/ hair position has moved on a different camera angle.
  7. When someone is relaying an important plot point and the person that should never know is always behind the door/around the corner.

    When they do an over the shoulder shot and the person is saying something completely different than what they've looped on top and you can tell by the way their mouth moves.
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  8. Bad exposition.

    Perfectly mocked in one of my favorite American Dad jokes, while Stan is eavesdropping on Francine's phone call:

    "I didn't know what to do, sis. I've never called you sis before? You're right, it is oddly clunky and expositional. I mean, I know you're my sister, so who am I saying it for?"

    There's an episode of How I Met Your Mother where I guess they decided to give a line to Barney instead of Lily, but ended up using the original take with the new audio, so there's an actual scene in the show where Lily opens her mouth and says a whole line in Barney's voice.
  9. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

    "Hey can you look after this egg for me? It's going to hatch soon, with hilarious consequences."
  10. When they order food, take two bites, and "have to run".
  11. No one ever pays a cab driver.
  12. All 'will they or won't they?' storylines that go on for longer than a season, basically.
  13. I've just mentioned this in the Veep thread but introducing too many new characters in later seasons can be detrimental to a series.
  14. In UK soaps people never suspect their partners of having an affair and think it's all hunky dory, so chances are they are having an affair - but if they do suspect them of having an affair it really turns out they're doing something like arranging a surprise party or some nude modelling for extra cash.

  15. I haven't watched any soaps since i was about 10, but they always had this dumb trope where an adult character couldn't read and would always avoid reading anything. Then it's revealed they can't read and they bond with someone unexpected who teaches them to read.

    Soaps are so shit.
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  16. Dramatically putting something vaguely sentimental in an empty bin as an act of defiant finality.
  17. That doesn't bother me so much. It's bound to happen and even if they pay close attention to it, there is still going to be mistakes like that. No-one is perfect.

    Also, I call my sisters "sis". Is that not something people do?
  18. When characters drink from cups that are so obviously empty. It's like, at least try to pretend there is (probably hot) liquid in your mug instead of holding it at that 45 degree angle!

    I get really annoyed at continuity errors too. I'm sure barely anyone notices them but stuff like changes to characters' families or backgrounds just to suit new plotlines bug the hell out of me. Big Bang Theory is terrible for it.
  19. Too m any characters that you cannot tell from one another.

  20. Gilmore Girls is terrible for this. For two characters who are infamous for being bottomless pits when it comes to junk food, they never actually eat any of the exorbitant amounts of food they order at the diner/arrange on a table in front of them in their home. I mean, they're always talking but the one who's listening never takes the opportunity to stuff their face like one would expect.
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