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Annoying things they do in TV shows

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Deleted member 5343, Apr 20, 2015.

  2. This sort of has to be done though, otherwise it will just be confusing for no reason.
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  3. Every time they go south of the border in an American movie, it's suddenly sepia toned

  4. Someone puts a CD on and it starts at the chorus of the song or is some kind of miracle edit to go straight from the intro to the required lyrical/flourishing moment of the track without slogging through the build, or is just the chorus on loop.
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  5. Is Emma okay?
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  6. Which one? One I just drifted away from.

    The other is a whole other story which if it happened on a Soap or something would be labeled as unrealistic
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  7. The Sopranos stuck two fingers up to this all the time, loads of characters with same or similar names.
  8. This was what killed Spectre for me. Colour grading is a cheat to disguise CGI so it robbed the helicopter action sequence of any weight, even though I knew it was filmed for real. Five minutes in and already it was doing somethign which absolutely irritated me in Skyfall. The difference was Skyfall was good, Spectre was not.
  9. Emma number 2:
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  10. When Character 1 approaches Character 2 who is deep in conversation with one or more extras and the extra/s just float away when Character 1 arrives with no resolution to the original conversation.
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  11. Extra's in general are hilarious to watch, like, they are SO awkward.
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  12. "You are no longer worthy of my time because PAID REGULAR is here!"

    This happened all the time in Friends. Especially scenes at parties, where you wondered how they knew these other people are they spend no time with anybody else.
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  13. When a character says "Make love to me!" to another character. Who talks like that?

    If my partner or sex buddy said that to me, I would laugh.
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  14. The secretarial "Sir, you can't go back there! YOU CAN'T GO BACK THERE!" with only a 2.5 cm rise off of their seat in attempt to obstruct the intruder.
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  15. I love this thread.
  16. “Geeks” or “nerds” are just a hot guy in glasses
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  17. People thinking they’ll get bail for a murder charge
  18. """Quirky""" voicemail messages.
  19. “Hey it’s me, you know the drill”

    I’ve never realised just how much this annoyed me till you mentioned it
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  20. I like how in Uncut Gems, Julia's voice message is "don't leave me a voice message, text me".

    I think that Uncut Gems is an anti-trope film, I loved it
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