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Annoying things they do in TV shows

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Deleted member 5343, Apr 20, 2015.

  1. Oh and also when a significant event is happening in the street such as an argument or breakup, everyone conveniently chooses to come out of the pub at that exact moment and many others just happen to be walking home from other places at the same time too.
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  2. I remember an episode of Beverly Hills 90210 where Brandon met some guys and got drunk for the first time. By the end of the episode he was in an AA meeting confessing to being an alcoholic. I don’t think it was mentioned again.
  3. That sounds like it was A VERY SPECIAL episode of Beverly Hills 90210
  4. This reminds me of the funniest line of all time:

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  5. I just watched the whole video and I'm not sure which line you're talking about.
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  6. I watched that episode not too long ago, so I just have to point out that he actually crashed his car while being drunk and ended up in jail for the night. The episode did end with Dylan taking him to an AA meeting, but he didn’t say he was an alcoholic himself. By the next episode, he was driving again like nothing happened, lol.
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  7. It took me two weeks to find Stella's apartment, she had neglected to give me her address.

    Gets me every time.
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  8. Ah that did make me scream, I thought you meant a line as in something one of the characters said to each other.
  9. When a scene is happening but it keeps cutting to an annoying person/band singing/something unnecessary then going back to the scene, can this not be a thing.
  10. Scene anywhere where other people exist:

    Main character: *tells bombshell news*
    Supporting character: *wait wat*
    Waiter/shopkeeper/clumsy pedestrian, etc: *interrupts*


    Scene continues.

    This drives me bonkers since I noticed Sex And The City pulled it almost every time something was revealed to one of the other girls and the other two were not there to share dialogue out.
  11. I'm watching Good Trouble and they keep showing what has happened and then showing how it happened afterwards, and alternating between the past/present.

    WHY THOUGH. It's so hard to follow when shows keep switching between what's happened and what is currently happening constantly.
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  12. It gets better. Trust me. They either ease up on the alternating midseason or in the second season. It gets much less startling overall but you kinda get used to it because the show can be so good.

    Don't give up on it, that's all I'll say.

    Also can't wait for its return next month apparently! Season 3 baby.
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  13. It’s a bizarre format choice, but they do stick with it, so as @tastic notes, you grow used to it after awhile. It initially annoyed me to no end because I felt like it was done for the sake of style, but the fact they commit to it for every episode makes it easier to accept.
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  14. I think the main reason I'm struggling with it so much is it's not the type of show where you can be checking your phone then look back up and pick it up, you actually have to concentrate dddd.

    I'm gonna stick with it because I do really like the plot, and pleased to know season 3 will probably come out as soon as I've finished the second season!
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  15. The Fosters universe in general has never been the -let's check my phone and procrastinate- type of shows.

    They need your undivided attention because a lot of shit goes down.
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  16. In things like Saved by the Bell when all the characters get jobs at the same department store/mall/diner at the same time, and all relevant teachers/family patronise said place.
  17. How workaholics without a partner, without a social life and without free time, still manage to have a cosy, warm and 'full' home. Yeah, I'm looking at you... Dana Scully.
  18. In British soaps when characters have been away from the show for a significant amount of time (sometimes decades) but on their return, the actors are forced to wear a signature item of clothing associated with their role from their first stint despite the fact said items would realistically be difficult to source in the fictional world (e.g. Eastenders’ Bianca in a silver puffer or Kathy Beale and her ubiquitous beige jacket)
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  19. That Bianca puffer jacket, am I right in thinking her daughter Tiffany has worn a similar one on the show too? Let it die dddd.
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  20. Kathy comes back after 15 years of pretending to be dead in South Africa, and her wardrobe is exactly the same. Was the first thing she did when she got off the plane is think to herself, “Now I’m back in London, I simply must pick up a coat like that one I owned in 1995 when I wasn’t pretending to be dead in South Africa”?
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