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Annoying things they do in TV shows

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Deleted member 5343, Apr 20, 2015.

  1. I typed the above knowing I look at my phonewhile on the toilet, but I can't imagine taking a book or a newspaper in with me. And don't get me started on shows featuring people with reading racks of magazines in their bathroom.
  2. What's weird about taking a book to the toilet?!
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  3. That's no what a toilet's for!

    (I grew up in a family of neurotics though)
  4. I know lots of people who read in the bathroom. Phones, books, newspapers...
  5. Yeah, reading in the bathroom isn't a TV thing, it's a real life thing dd
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  6. There's a Buzzfeed article going around, which I won't link to because Buzzfeed is grim, but these are good'uns -

    - People sliding down a wall when they cry
    - Ripping an IV out of their arm and walking out of a hospital
    - Always discarding pregnancy tests faceup in a bin
    - Women grabbing scissors and cutting their hair off in the mirror to signify an emotional change
    - Ghosts appearing behind someone in the mirror when they close a medicine cabinet
  7. I did this once to be fair.

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  8. Candyman turns this trope around, and I love it.
  9. I would, however, very much like this to be true.
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  10. Someone borrows a pen to write their number down for another person, scribbles for 1.2 seconds but has written their number and in addition a flirty, witty sentence. In perfectly legible script despite leaning on their own knee.
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  11. And braces... always braces!

    I’m sure all of the Charmed ones had braces at some point via flashbacks.. how can one family have such poor teeth?
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  12. The worst flashback ever was when they tried to make Cyrus pass for 30 in Scandal by emptying a bottle of Just For Men over Jeff Perry and hoping for the best.

    It did not work.
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  13. But it's genetic...?
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  14. I withdraw my comment dd
  15. Conversely, Emma Roberts in American Horror Story 1984 was supposed to be 30 years older at the end, but they hadn't added a brush of makeup or hair dye, just a throwaway line about fillers to have us believe a character now supposed to be 50-something is being played by an actress in her mid-20s.
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  16. I always cringe when they’re like ‘ you you know...grab a coffee’ because one, you wouldn’t say that to someone you’ve just met in the street, and two, it would be awkward as fuck. You’d at least have to be drunk.
  17. Excuse me, small child, that was the sort of thing we did back in the 90s. Yes, it frequently was awkward as fuck.
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  18. My favourite one cropped up twice in an episode of The Blacklist I watched: Two FBI bods flew from D.C. to Ankara in Turkey, spoke to one person, then flew back and it was still the same day. Then they were told to fly to Paris, where they appeared what seemed to be about 20 minutes later.
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  19. I think I've asked this before.

    Why are Americans so obsessed with weed. And it seems to be the most awesome thing in multiple shows.
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  20. I’m currently rewatching Ugly Betty, which is a real offender for this, but one that always bothers me is -

    Person A is having an affair or has just murdered someone. Suddenly, they get a phone call from Person B who is the wife/husband of whoever they’re having an affair with/murdered.

    Person B says “you don’t sound ok. I’m coming right over” and hangs up.

    Person A stands there looking mortified and unsure what to do without bothering to phone them back or text to say don’t come.
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