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Annoying things they do in TV shows

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Deleted member 5343, Apr 20, 2015.

  1. The way some of them pronounce "pahhht" really irks me, but yeah they talk about it with a reverance way more than is required.
  2. I think this is the basis of a lot of farces. People have been asked to suspend disbelief in the wrong person turning up at the worst possible moment since the ancient Romans 2000 years ago.
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  3. A character wears a cap or hat just so they can take it off to show shock, awe or disbelief at something off camera.
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  4. When a character takes a bite of food and immediately declares it to be “the best pie I ever tasted” without even chewing or swallowing. See Joey from Friends.
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  5. Crappy day on the force.

    A detective and a lawyer who usually don’t like each other decompress in his office.

    He opens his top drawer and plants two tumblers on the desk and a half full bottle of Scotch, pours two fingers and they call a truce for a moment.

    Why do both of them always value the drink of choice? Who cleans the glasses? Who refills the decanter? Why do they drive home after?
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  6. To add to this. I'm watching 'The Wire'. The amount of times the main characters go get wasted (whisky, beer,... ) after work on normal weekdays... my liver couldn't. And where do they get this kind of energy to socialize on Mondays and Tuesdays?
  7. When someone writes a note to leave for a friend/family member, and when they get it the handwriting and ink colour are completely different. I’m such a stickler for continuity and this drives me mad.
  8. Almost every episode of The Sopranos sees a character driving immediately after drinking a big glass of red wine or some shots of spirits. Is the New Jersey drink driving limits significantly high enough to not seem like this was risking unneccesary police attention for low-level crime?
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  9. “What time is it?”
    “It’s late”

    That’s not an answer!
  10. And everyone has near-perfect hand-writing skills that could be used as a new font in Word. My hand-writing is ugly and inconsistent.
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  11. When they cut between two scenes (e.g. protagonist chasing down a lead, bad guy doing something), implying that it's happening in real time but in the end you realize that the timelines were not the same - the bad guy did whatever they did way earlier. It feels like a really cheap way to manufacture suspense.
  12. Stock footage crowbarred in but shot on totally different, usually very old, degraded film stock or just plain cheap.

    I remember years ago an episode of Home & Away where a shark attacked a surfer and they used footage of a Tiger Shark first... then cut to a fucking nurse shark, which just sits on the bottom doing nothing all day and looks absolutely nothing like the former, then after a terrible prop fin appeared a few eps later it was apparently a Great White all along!?
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  13. It always amuses me when someone goes to a bar and orders a wine without mentioning what size or colour. Same with when they just go in and order ‘a beer’.

    I also feel like I’ve never seen a female character on a show drink beer.
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  14. Was this the shark that ate Roy circa 1991 or did they repeat that storyline again? To be fair to H&A, the stock footage sharks in Jaws looks NOTHING like the shark prop in Jaws either.
  15. Amy Dunne didn’t do anal for this revisionism!
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  16. Character has just taken a long journey by train and finally arrives at their destination. Instead of instantly stepping off the train and onto the platform, they decide to take a deep breath and a good and long look at their new surroundings, blocking the exit for any other traveller in the same cart.
  17. I mean, people do this in real life too and it's equally annoying.
  18. It's funnier by bus, because they stand on the bottom step and take in their vista and I'm always thinking 'why doesn't the bus driver yell Are you getting off the fucking bus or what, mate?'
  19. When Character A asks Character B out on a date and they agree on a day but not a time.
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  20. And/or don't exchange contact information, adresses or restaurant info.
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