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Annoying things they do in TV shows

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Deleted member 5343, Apr 20, 2015.

  1. Covering up your nakedness in the morning by just wearing the shirt your lover wore the day before. Do people actually do this?

    Just put on your own clothes when you get up.
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  2. They must have read the script earlier and known that scene was coming - could they just not have shaved that morning?
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  3. Probably not. As most shows are filmed out of order. So they probably had a scene after the shaving scene shot before.
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  4. I remember a hair stylist talking about how this is often done because it works the best for continuity. I wish I could find the clip!
  5. A lot of the complaints are logistical nightmares for film/tv productions. It's why they use wigs whenever they can. It's cheaper and they don't have to pay for talent to be sitting in a chair to get their hair done for X amount of hours a day. Same with shaving when there's no stubble to shave. Filming things out of order and doing multiple takes kind of makes that hard and expensive to do. I have no issue with the perfect hair or most things mentioned as a film isn't necessarily supposed to be real life. Obviously some films straddle the line more towards realism and others more towards less serious/realism. I do get bothered when things don't match up with the tone the film. Perfect hair in something like a gritty drama film pulls me out but seeing it in a rom-com/superhero film, I really have no issue.
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  6. That's... very true actually I take back my comment. Ha.
  7. Among the issues that affected Star Trek: Voyager's pilot (original Janeway actor left, then Mulgrew had to reshoot a week of work cause her hair was too thin, and then they change the next hairstyle wigs during production - you can tell which scenes were shot at the start and end of the month, and then they had to go back and film more scenes two months later to change the act breaks), Kate Mulgrew put her foot down when she saw the first cut of the pilot when Janeway's hair was out of place on the bridge, and then cuts to her entering Main Engineering where her hair is immaculate. They then spent the time to recreate a damaged set to film an insert shot of Janeway hurriedly walking down a corridor while fixing her hair en route, just to avoid that trope.
  8. Yet another reason to Stan Janeway
  9. That's insane! Definitely makes sense why they always turn to wigs... Though that doesn't always mean a good hair style. Just look at Fantastic Four reshoots... They threw on a shake and go wig and galled it a day. Julianna Margulies also wore wigs for the entirety of The Good Wife, some were great and some weren't.
  10. Works well in the sense that they would do a lot of flashbacks each season and it was nice to see them make some effort to make her look different, which isn't always the case when shows do that.
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  11. Star Trek had a lot of hair issues, enabled by Kerry McCluggage, who was the Paramount Exec in charge of the TV division at the time. He was obsessed with perfect hair and would make them reshoot footage from previous days simply because of hair. Apparently the new production team didn't even realise that the women actors mostly wore wigs and were surprised when Marina Sirtis turned up to film on Picard with her old Troi wig.

    If you watch "Best of Both Worlds" part one and two together, you'll spot that Beverly Crusher has a different hairstyle on both sides of the cliff-hanger.
  12. People never finish their food! They always clear half-eaten plates!
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  13. Being so physically stunned by an attractive person that you lose the ability to speak. Surely this isn’t real?
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  14. I mean I've gasped when I've saw someone absolutely stunning before but that's like maybe a second or two before I'm back on my oversharing motormouth shit.
  15. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Sounds like me whenever I like someone.. but I just don't even come near them, it's not like they turn around and I suddenly lost the ability to use words
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  16. has anyone ever thrown a stack of papers out of frustration in the middle of an investigation or study session in reality? someone has to pick and reorder that shit up after! totally unrealistic
  17. As a teenager this was totally me. The worst one was with Claudine in my first year at uni, I literally got weak at the knees. The first time I saw her at a party while lightweight me was getting drunk on booze much stronger than we had back at home, I got the weak at the knees reaction, and the alcohol was affecting my balance - I ended up on my knees in front of her. She said "what are you doing?"

    I turned red, tried to think of something witty or flirty or anything that might dig me out of the hole I was in, and after a pause said "Do you like cunnilingus?"

    I never lived that down. Older me doesn't have this problem nearly as badly, but I remember what it felt like.
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  18. People relaxing/chilling out at home wearing shoes/trainers etc.

    The first thing I do (and surely most people do) is take off my shoes the minute I get home.
  19. American’s wear their shoes indoors and it makes me so uncomfortable/disgusted. Especially in tv shows. Even when there’s carpet inside… I don’t understand it.
  20. This plus sitting around in jeans. I’m a sweatpants/ pyjama bottoms as soon as I get home person
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