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Annoying things they do in TV shows

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Deleted member 5343, Apr 20, 2015.

  1. I have a friend who worked in TV who I guess has picked up this habit over the years and it is so annoying ddd. I'll be like, is the story over and we're doing talking or...?
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  2. Can't think of any examples right now, but when someone says a line of dialogue that by itself doesn't really make sense/comes off as unnatural/isn't something that character would say, and only serves as a way to set up another character's witty comeback.
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  3. So all of Tina Fey and Amy Sherman-Palladino’s writing.
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  4. I've grown massively allergic to the overblown thud of punches and kicks in fight scenes. Or like... somebody swinging a sword or knife and it still makes that metallic "ZING" noise. IT'S NOT COLLIDING WITH ANYTHING.

    I really hope at some point they'll be considered as old and dated as sitcom laughing tracks.
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  6. The “white saviour” trope: white main character (usually either a detective or a doctor, often British) moves to a country populated predominantly by POC, turns out to be highly gifted and magically solves all of the cases/cures all of the patients while all of the POC characters are mainly there to assist. It surprises me that there hasn’t been a bigger backlash with these things?
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  7. White saviour trope (and also the "magical negro" trope) tends to be commented more when it's a film that wins awards. My guess is that it's a trope so normalised into pop-culture that people don't even see it when it's on screen.
  8. Someone arrives at a prison for visitation. They say hi, hug, sit down, utter about 4 sentences about the upcoming court date and a bell goes, a guard shouts: "Visitation is over!"
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  9. Prisoner Cell Block H in every visiting scene! It'd wind me up so much - they just got there and spent 90 seconds together and their time is up!!!
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  10. Bad Girls Realness
  11. When person A needs to get hold of person B urgently but person B’s phone is across the room (and on vibrate/silent) because, reasons?
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  12. To be fair, this happens to me a lot. My phone is alway on silent haha
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  13. SBK


    Yeah my phone is on silent all the time, well unless I'm "working" from home and need to hear my email/teams notifications
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  14. Ah so I’m unpopular then
  15. I watched Do Revenge today and, whilst a wonderful movie, it had that godawful "I send the video to the entire school" trope. Please can we leave that behind in the 2000s?! It didn't make sense then, and it doesn't make sense now.
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  16. It's just not possible, ha. Unless you have the entire school's numbers in your phone and create a group chat of hundreds of people so they all get the message the same time. But, nope, it just flashes up on their screen like a normal text. Haha.
  17. It’s also always anonymous, is that even a real thing?
  18. I mean, in this day & age of Airdropping, it's actually more possible than ever. You just have to click on every single phone who has theirs on at the same time (and I would imagine any teen with an iPhone keeps theirs on). It's certainly unrealistic, but far less so in this era.
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  19. Everyone receives said images at the same time and only at a point when the subject of the image is there to witness it happen.
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  20. Unavoidable of course but guest characters that are written as being there the whole time like just another student at school (who are subsequently never seen or heard from again)
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