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ANOHNI (from Antony and the Johnsons) - Hopelessness (2016)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nightclubbing, Oct 20, 2015.

  1. I am super excited about Antony's voice and conceptual approach blended with experimental electronic music...

    Here are the news from a super interesting interview he gave!

  2. LP


    I only really know him from the gorgeous Dull Flame Of Desire. I checked out a few of his other records and I couldn't really get into them. Hopefully this will appeal to me (especially with the experimental/dance/electronic elements).
  3. Really looking forward to this.
  4. Me, now: "I'm very excited to hear what this will sound like."

    Me, later: "It's no 'Blind', is it?"
  5. So this is going to be This Is Acting, but done right? Great.

    I absolutely love Antony and his voice and his music, so I can't wait.
  6. Finally some more news. He announced the album title 8 months ago and then nothing...
  7. Looking forward to this album!
    I'd love him to collaborate with Siouxsie someday...
  8. Or at least Siouxsie to come up with something new again..
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  9. Shaking the Habitual 2.0 here we go.

    Can't wait for a queer theory lecture soundtracked by the noises of a malfunctioning fracking drill or whatever. Bring it on.
  10. Remember when Bjork talked about The Dull Flame Of Desire and how she encouraged Antony to think of it as a Barbra Steisand and Donna Summer duet? And how that bore NO resemblance to the song itself?

    It's not going to be a disco album is it?
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  11. I knew Björk is deaf.
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  12. F**K and I was always thinking that the Dull Flame of Desire was kinda inspired by the 2001 Moulin Rouge version.. but just Aguilera with Lil Kim!
  13. The album will probably sound a bit like Indian Steps from the Hudson Mohawke album. I bet it won't be full on pussy popping dance music.
  14. Perched for an Erotica feel.
    Anohni, Anohni put your hands all over my body
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  15. Anohni Ayhun
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  16. Can't stop laughing. Won't stop laughing.
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  17. Love his/her/their previous work. I Am A Bird Now far outshines everything for me though...10 years old now! Insane... I recommend that to anyone.
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  18. I actually find Cut The World to be their best album. Such a good track list and the arrangements are beyond beautiful.
  19. And the "Cut the World" video was um... wow.
  20. Antony is releasing her first single in 3 hours!

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