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ANOHNI (from Antony and the Johnsons) - Hopelessness

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nightclubbing, Oct 20, 2015.

  1. I love 'Obama', it's production is amazing. I think the lyrics are a little ridiculous, but the production elevates it.
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  2. I've been relistening to this lately and in a post-2016's actually become an even more unrelentingly bleak experience? I don't think that's hampered my enjoyment, but it hits so much harder now.
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  3. A prescient queen.


    4 Degrees being uncomfortably topical almost literally on this very day.

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  4. LTG


    Being right about Obama not being the messiah and following standard American foreign policy


    Even so, wishing to be back in the halcyon days of 2012 when we didn’t worry Trump was going to start a nuclear war

  5. Hey girls.


    The local gif connoisseurs might be pleased to hear I've managed to locate the source of the iconic 125x125 exemplar recently used above.



    A reverse


  6. We are going to be waiting forever for new music aren’t we. I remember her announcing Hopelessness a full 15 months(!!!) before the album was released.
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  7. New song!

    It’s gorgeous.
  8. Wait! Is this the only Anohni thread on here??


  9. Her first album is finally on Spotify!!

  10. That's made me very happy. It's one of my all time favourite records.
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  11. LTG


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  13. That's intense!

    I love the message, but I'm not really here for these unpolished tracks.
  14. She recently appeared on a remix of the CocoRosie song 'Burning Down The House' (retitled 'End of The Freak Show'), with Brooke Candy, Big Freedia, and Cakes Da Killa.

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  15. I really like this ddddd. Here for more Punkohni.
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  16. cpr


    I was reading this pitchfork article about NFTs and Anohni had this really delightful blurb. Queen.
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  17. *screaming*
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