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Anouk - 'Three Days In A Row' (Single) & 'For Bitter Or Worse' (Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by maneater83, Aug 16, 2009.

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    Re: Anouk - 3 days in a row(1st single) from "For bitter or worse"album

    It's okay, but I prefer the more rocky side of her. Urban Solitude's still my favourite album.
  2. Re: Anouk - 3 days in a row(1st single) from "For bitter or worse"album

    I'm not a fan of Anouk at all, but I'm loving this song. I just wish she didn't "scream" so much. Her vocals are very loud at times, and I can't stand it.
  3. Re: Anouk - 3 days in a row(1st single) from "For bitter or worse"album

    great one. i absolutely love her. she is one of the best performers live, it's amazing how this woman keeps on growing every single time.
    this is such a great tune.
  4. Re: Anouk - 3 days in a row(1st single) from "For bitter or worse"album

    I wish she'd do more stuff like 'Good God'. That would have made an amazing Amy Winehouse comeback single!
  5. refluS

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    WOW!! Anouk - Three Days In A Row

    The new musicvideo/single from the Dutch singer Anouk.

    It's the first single from her new album "For Bitter or Worse"

    It has a Janis Joplin sound. I think its quite good and original.
    What a voice, and she sings with so much emotions! !
    I like the simplicity of the video because her face has so much character.
    I LOVE IT when she screams at 3min20sec!!!

    "Three Days in a Row Official" Musicvideo

  6. Re: WOW!! Anouk - Three Days In A Row

    her voice is immense! amazing music as always
  7. refluS

    refluS Guest

  8. refluS

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    Re: WOW!! Anouk - Three Days In A Row puts the song on his site! :)
  9. refluS

    refluS Guest

  10. i love the b-side to the if i go single... probly 1 of her best ballads...
  11. refluS

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    what b-side with "if i go" ?
  12. refluS

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    nr31 in the Dutch Top40

    and that only with airplay because the single is out august 28
  13. refluS

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    Anouk Teeuwe, the rockqueen of the Netherlands, is known and loved all over the world. Though her music is limited to the Netherlands and Belgium because of her recordcompany EMI. Also the Official Fanclub is only reachable for fans from the Netherlands and Belgium. With this petition the Anouk International Fangroup wants to make Anouk's music spread all over the world, wich includes available CD's and DVD's in every country and on every radiostation. We also wanna try to make the Official Fanclub of Anouk international so the fans from all over the world can be a member. This also includes that the magazines need to be written in English. The Anouk International Fangroup cares for the fans outside Belgium and the Netherlands and also you can make a difference. Help us to make Anouk international and make a lott of fans happy by signing this petition!

    The Anouk International Fangroup thanks all of you!


    Wendy Vermeren (Belgium)
    Ida Adele Hegge (Norway)

  14. refluS

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    yes thats With You, was the Canadian single for Hotel New York albumrelease
  15. Charley

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    The album cover and tracklist are online!


    1. Three Days In A Row
    2. In This World
    3. Woman
    4. Lay It Down
    5. 8 Years
    6. My Shoes
    7. Walk to the Bay
    8. Today
    9. Hold On
    10. Lovedrunk
    11. Faith in My Moon
    12. For Bitter or Worse

    Also, can everyone in this thread please write in proper English with capital letters and punctuation? Thank you!
  16. I love the cover, does anyone know who produced this album?
  17. Charley

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    The single 'Three Days In A Row' was produced by Tore Johansson, who also produced songs for Titiyo, The Cardigans and Melanie C.

    You can check out some of his credentials here.
  18. That cover freaks me out a little.
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