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Answer to the NOW series the HITS Album.

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by simes1970, Sep 20, 2013.

  1. It was, and just one of the usual errors you get with those sort of programmes. Bros were never on a NOW either, nor were a whole host of Warners, CBS/Epic and RCA acts.

    On the subject of The Hit Pack, my Complete Book of British Charts has it listed under the "Hits" brand, so maybe it was just a variation on the HITS brand without actually being an official volume of the series.
  2. It's a shame that there couldn't have been more co-operation between Virgin/EMI/Polygram and WEA/CBS/BMG because i think that Hits 4 & 6 are possibly the best of the series and part of that is the featuring of tracks that would normally have been kept/licensed for a NOW album, it allowed a more rounded picture of the top 40 to be created on one compilation.
  3. Hits 4 to 7 were definitely the series' highlights...8 has the ugly artwork, and 9 didn't even have a proper number assigned to it. I love 10 from a design viewpoint, but once the brand mutated into Monster Hits, it lost its way for me. And then you had the segued nightmare of the 14th edition.
  4. I could never figure out why they used that suitcase design for HITS 9 and then went back to the previous style for HITS 10, then changed completely for Monster Hits and Snap It Up, then do The Hit Pack with a different cat no., then miss a couple of volumes, then put out a 'segueing' album. I mean, if your heart's not in it, why bother in the first place?
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  5. I suppose it was a time of change and upheaval...the compilation chart came in on Jan 1st 1989, CBS/Epic were bought by Sony, RCA/Arista were no longer stand-alone labels but more a part of the expanding BMG itself underwent a huge music, rave, SAW-inspired pop....I suppose all of these things didn't help continuity. Even the NOW brand lost a bit of focus around 1990, before coming back strongly with NOW20.
  6. I know what you mean. NOW 18 is definitely one of the weaker volumes from the ''golden age'', in my opinion, despite being a handy way to get hold of the Ben Liebrand mix of Sting's Englishman In New York, the 7'' of Blue Pearl's Little Brother and 7'' Sold Out mix of Adventures Of Stevie V's Dirty Cash in one place. Quite like NOW 19 though!
  7. It felt like NOW was switching its attention to the Dance side of the brand fact for a couple of years there were only two volumes of the main NOW, whereas since about 1992 it's a given tradition to have three. There were more Now Dances than ordinary ones in 1990/91, I think, and the designs for 17 and 18 weren't up to much. As for 19, it wasn't until someone here pointed it last year that I realised it actually had the number on its case! 20 was really where the series picked up momentum again.

    This is the HITS thread, I know, but one piece of useless trivia is that only one of the 80+ main NOWs has not been a #1 on its respective chart. NOW4, held off by - and this is what keeps it on topic, haha - the first HITS collection.
  8. I couldn't disagree more. NOW 18 is one of my absolute favourites musically (yes the artwork was terrible). Roxette, Wilson Phillips, Sinead O'Connor, Belinda Carlisle, INXS, Bass-o-matic, DNA, The Cure, Kylie, Technotronic, Kim Appleby, Bety Boo, Stevie V, Jimmy Somerville are the highlights for me but there are plenty more great songs besides!

    It's far better than NOW 17 (by miles) or 19.
  9. Although this is a HITS thread it can also be highlighted for any other segue/mixed CD's reason I went out today and bought the 2013 MOS Indie Dance Classics. Low and behold get it home and the tracks all segue into one another. A 3 disc set to avoid!
  10. Yes, the second half of 1990 was fantastic for pop music, if not the top of the charts itself.
  11. This one?


    That's surprising because the gorgeous 80s Electronic Anthem ones weren't mixed.
  12. Yep that's the one
  13. *Removes from wishlist*
  14. If I remember correctly, Smash Hits Mix '97 was segued, I had it on cassette but would imagine the CD is the same.
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