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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by DreamlessNights, Nov 15, 2015.

  1. Okay, so, I've perused the depression thread before, at least, I've looked over it quite a bit. What I'm suffering from moreso(ish) is anxiety though. Since I didn't see a thread devoted to this, I thought I would make one.

    Basically, I've always been a worrier growing up, I blame that on my slightly destructive/tense home environment. I'm very jumpy, almost always tense, my heart races a lot, I don't sleep well at all, so I wouldn't be surprised if I'm an insomniac and I have horrible anxiety, obviously, due to me making this thread. It's to the point where I cry a lot and over the past couple weeks, I'm discovering that I really do think I have a problem.

    What am I anxious about? Well, the Paris bombings have unsettled me greatly, I'm constantly worried that the same thing will happen to me now. I actually had two dreams just this morning and this afternoon about a suicide bomber near me.

    I'm trying to figure out how I'll stand going to a big conference in May, knowing it's in a big city and people like to target big cities. I have anxiety over walking alone, I still have one of my parents walk me to the bus stop four blocks away, if they're willing. I have anxiety over being in church or the mall or movies because of past shootings. I'm anxious about the possibility of getting a job, because what if someone came and shot up the place, what would I do? I'm anxious about car crashes which is why I have no interest in learning how to drive. I don't like sleeping in the dark. I have anxiety over being home alone.

    This anxiety, I feel like it's only really become an issue for me over the past two years, a bit of time after I moved home from college. There have been several problems with living at home that have made me super anxious and unable to get any real sleep. I'm afraid of someone breaking in and murdering everyone. I'm not sure how irrational it is to think really, I don't live in the greatest area.

    Luckily, I suppose, I don't suffer from social anxiety. I'm pretty okay with crowds, although there is always that worry that maybe one of them will have a gun or a bomb and they'll just, you know, set them off.

    So... Does anyone else suffer from anxiety? How are you helping yourself or coping? How long have you dealt with it? Basically, this thread is for anything related to anxiety, it's open.
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  2. I really relate to a lot of the stuff you posted, and I'm so sorry you're going through that because I know first hand how crippling it is.

    I recently started a new job which made me feel very vulnerable and anxious. My main issue with my anxiety is being in public alone, especially on public transport. I have an issue when I feel like I'm not in control, so any situation where I have to rely on others makes me actually sick to my stomach.

    Luckily I made travel arrangements with someone who works there, so I was free from the burden of public transport for the first week, and ended up loving the job. The second week (this week actually), I was told myself and the guy I travel with were only needed for 3 days per week instead of 5. I was thrilled because I was still going to make money, but I'd still have free time for myself.

    Cut to Wednesday, my boss calls me into her office and offers me another job in a different part of the office, and confirms it's 5 days a week. She seemed pretty weirded out that I wasn't very happy about that because my heart sank thinking about how I will get to work an hour away from me for those next two days. Anxiety turned something that should've been exciting and great into something I dread now. Worst part is, by me accepting this job I thought I was taking a step forward because I hadn't been doing much before hand. And now I feel just as out of control as ever.
  3. Thanks. I'm sorry you can relate so well though.

    Oh wow, I'm sorry. That really sucks about your job. Is there some way she would let you work your old job? That is really hard, I hope you find some way to get work and gain some sense of control again.
  4. Thank you for making this thread. When I'm less tired, I will form a coherent post.
  5. You're welcome.
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  6. Holy shit this thread equals all my problems. I comically have a pit in my stomach. As with Drew when I'm more together I'll make a good post but I think I need meds.
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  7. I don't suffer from it.
  8. Nah, in all seriousness anxiety is a real problem and I think everybody endures it in varying degrees. I've always said that there's no cure for the anxious - but I recently heard from a friend that she was prescribed more medication to combat her acute anxiety. So that's something at least!
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  9. I go through phases with it. It's always there, I hate new people and situations. I'm freaking out about a meeting tomorrow, even though I know most of the people.

    I've cut back on partying and drinking which has helped. But it also means socialising less. But I feel less anxious about the impending Xmas, new year and Birthday party season.
  10. Thanks @DreamlessNights for making this thread, I can relate so much to what people are saying. Anxiety is such a horrible, unreasonable, crippling thing when it's running wild.

    All my adult life I've been an anxious person who worries about anything and everything (particularly my health, unfamiliar situations and anything that would lead to a disruption of routine) which I put down partly to inheriting it from my mum who is exactly the same way. A couple of years ago it got so bad I decided I HAD to do something about it and took myself off to the GP who got me to do one of those highly accurate multiple choice quizzes and diagnosed me with that wonderful catch-all umbrella of generalised anxiety disorder and promptly prescribed me with a low dose of Citalopram and directed me to some self-CBT websites. The websites were pretty useless in my case to be honest but the medication did (and continues to) help a lot and I was able to start going to gigs, apply for/start a new job and generally feel like a human being. Now whether this is a placebo effect or not, I'm not questioning it because it works for me.

    I still get dips every now and then where the old feelings will start to creep back in but I've managed to stave off any full blown panic attacks. And I must be a masochist because I do like to test myself every so often by saying yes to something knowing full well it is going to trigger an anxious episode where I'll feel absolutely horrible even days before the event worrying about it and coming up with every conceivable (and inconceivable) scenario.

    What I find helps my anxiety apart from the aforementioned medication are quite cliche but they DO work like going for a long walk, listening to music, Celestial Seasonings Tension Tamer Tea (thanks Coco) and trying to have projects either at work or home to keep my mind busy. Avoiding caffeine helps a lot too. Or if my anxiety is being triggered by having to go to somewhere unfamiliar (What if I'm late? What if I get lost? What if I don't know how to get into the place when I get there for fucks sake?) for work training or a hospital appointment for example then I'll make a few trips there beforehand if at all possible to get timings and locations of things down pat.

    Sorry, this was incredibly self indulgent. My sympathies to anybody else who suffers from anxiety and anxiety-related conditions, IT'S AWFUL!
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  12. You're welcome!

    Oh gosh, you're not self-indulgent at all! I'm glad you've found something that helps a bit at least. Especially about the panic attacks, those sound awful.

    You gave some great advice, I believe. I like the idea about making trips prior to an "event" before the official thing.
  13. I hate to bump this thread again, but tonight's so hard. I keep reading about Paris and the threat of bombing in the U.S and thinking about war. I'm losing my mind with worry... Now it's raining, which I just don't need because that causes more worry, mainly about tornadoes. Or the windows breaking out.
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  14. I avoided being promoted and now I don't feel anxious!! It's horrible that I'm trying to get out of working 5 days a week at a job that pays exceptionally well and is pretty simple just because I'm scared of the travel & commitment but it's not all bad.

    Basically I was a casual at this office and they said they didn't need me anymore because the office closes for Christmas and even if I wanted to accept the other job, it's about 4 weeks of training so it wouldn't be worth starting until next year. They were so happy with my work that the boss said I should just email them whenever I'm ready to work full time and they'll get me back on the roster straight away.

    And on top of that I still do reports for the company at home so I still make money without having to go there. So it's a reasonable solution until I can either learn to drive or handle public transport, and I have 2 months to mentally prepare for the commitment of a full time job.
  15. The scale between "a day at work" vs. "the consequences of just not bothering to show up," is becoming dangerously even. I'm practically praying to contract a disease at this point.
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  16. I've recently started therapy, including drugs i.e. Seroxat/Xanax combo. I'm having some trouble with my sleeping pattern, waking up at 5-6 AM for days now. Did any of you have similar problems when starting with SSRIs? I wanna feel less weird about it all. *sigh*
  17. Don't worry, it's quite normal! For the first couple of weeks on Citalopram I would be absolutely finished by 8pm at night, then be wired at 5am the next morning. It soon sorted itself out though.

    What time you take your medication might also affect your sleep so if it hasn't settled down after a couple of weeks, might be worth taking them at a different time of day for a while to see if it helps.
  18. Exactly me this morning. Welp.
  19. Harness the power of early-rising!
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  20. Thank you, guys, means a lot to share this.
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