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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by DreamlessNights, Nov 15, 2015.

  1. My anxiety has been through the roof these past few days. I'm not sure what brought it on, but it's the worst it's been for years. I don't feel comfortable in my own skin. I'm second guessing myself, overthinking every interaction and the worst part is I don't feel like I can talk to anyone because I'm worried about bothering them or scaring them away.

    I have friends coming over tonight and I'm genuinely considering cancelling because it's easier than having to explain why I might be "off". At the same time, I need a distraction from my own mind. I could do with the company.

    Just needed to vent. I've taken a propranolol already. I'll maybe take a walk to the supermarket for fresh air and some exercise.
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  2. It’s easy to get worked up over all the horrific possible outcomes - especially when there’s a couple of hours to kill, but it will all be a million times better and your friends will help shake all this.

    I find when I get like this I try and get prepared as much as possible for the event happening later, now, (outfit, any food and drink prep that could make me panic later) then indulge for a couple of hours doing something you enjoy, anything from watching a good film or read to having a work out or nice bath, fresh air like you suggested etc. Key is to keep away from your phone and make your mind associate the pleasant time you’re having now, with merging in to the event later that you’re putting on a pedestal.
  3. Thanks. I'm feeling much better since my original post. I meditated for 10 minutes, then went for a walk. I also called my sister - it definitely helped hearing a friendly voice.

    I think the festive season has just gotten to me. I started a new job in August and my flatmate moved out in September, so I've had to adjust to a new job and living alone. I've been putting too much pressure on myself, and particularly at this time of year, I've felt a need to be "holding it together". I haven't really spoken to anyone about it because I didn't want to ruin their Christmas/their New Year/etc and I think it's all just come to boiling point this week.

    I didn't sleep a wink last night, so I look like death warmed up. But I'm feeling a bit more positive about tonight!

    Thank you.

    The mindfulness video on YouTube I used had a great line. "I control my thoughts, they do not control me." It made me feel a bit more empowered.
  4. Fuck off winter!!!!

    This time of year always makes me feel so insular and withdrawn. Talking to people drains so much of my energy, even friends and colleagues. I just wanna hibernate.

    Luckily, I have my boyfriend. He totally understands and makes sure we always have plans. I'd probably be barely functioning without that.
  5. I smoke some weed in afternoon break at work and if I don’t do that I just hate almost everyone at work. I can not stand people I work with nor the company policies, etc. for a really long time. Work feels like an Arca video to me and when it’s done it feels like Utopia every single day.

    The good thing is after work I am the happiest and the most creative I have ever been.
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  6. Stay strong zeddy.
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  7. I asked my psychiatrist today if he’d given me any diagnoses and I apparently have three: major depressive disorder with anxious distress, generalized anxiety disorder, and social phobia. I’m glad I know for sure now. I think this could be really helpful in the long run.

    How’s everyone doing lately?
  8. They moved the office around last week. The two people I desk-shared with are now completely out of sight (they belong to a different team) and I'm on a single desk - like the disruptive kid in class is put on to keep them away from the others. I mentioned it to my manager, but both he and one of the others are both 'alone' in their offices, though I imagine they at least have someone else on their bank of desks.

    Could not feel more isolated.
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  9. That happened to me last year. I hope your manager eventually listens to you, I know how much of an impact s change like that can have on someone.
  10. I'm having to turn down extra hours at work due to anxiety. I was asked to teach "problem" students and guide them through a project (their words not mine) and whilst part of me would enjoy the challenge and a chance to live out a Sister Act 2 / Dangerous Minds fantasy I don't think it is in my best interests to put myself in a situation where I am going to be constantly challenged in that way.

    I feel rubbish about it though, as I got into teaching in order to try and make a difference in young people's lives.
  11. I relate to this thread so much, it's comforting to read through. Lately, I've been partying a lot and haven't been taking my medication regularly and it's been fucking with me quite a bit. A lot of self-doubt and self-shaming, wanting to mentally disassociate during social interactions where I'm not relaxed by alcohol. I just really cannot stand my job atm (and being in a basement with no windows doesn't help) and I find myself de-stressing from it in unhealthy ways. Drugs/alcohol are a major anxiety reducer for me in the moment, yet ultimately they just make things worse in the long run. On the bright side, I'm meeting with a new psychiatrist on Thursday and I'm getting a promotion I really wanted in March - so I feel optimistic things will get better. It's just a rough period and I'm not coping very well with it.
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  12. My health anxiety is through the roof, I slipped on the ice 5 weeks ago onto my hand and it didn't hurt much afterwards and didn't bruise or swell, the only pain I was getting was when I put any pressure on it. Anyway after 5 weeks I thought I should really get it checked out so I went to the walk in minor injuries unit and they did an x-ray. They said there was no break or anything but gave me a wrist splint to wear for 3 weeks and and then go back for another appt.

    Anyway the wrist splint has started making my hand really hurt, more so than before I even got it checked and so I have rang the hospital I went too twice. Its like I need constant reassurance, I am spending hours googling it and hearing horror stories of undiagnosed fractures, screws being put in, operations, years of pain and its ALL I am thinking about.

    God, why can't I shut my brain off or be a normal person who would just think 'yeah I'll see if this wrist splint works, give it 3 weeks'
  13. I gave my landlords my notice that I'll be leaving at the end of the month and even though this is my choice it has pretty much immediately changed the tone of my daily life. This place wasn't perfect, but now genuinely considering just living out of a vehicle or in some kind of camping setup, I can't help feeling just at an absolute personal mental and emotional low and it's like half of me can't function and the other half really has lost the actual passion to want to. Like the life heartbreaks have just hit the point where I have so little interest in anything related to societal life. The thought of getting a job and being a part of it all disgusts me more than (or possibly equally to, the longer I linger on composing this sentence) sleeping in my cockroach infested vehicle.
  14. Question: I want to take Xanax for the first time for a huge board meeting at work, and I'm thinking of doing a trial run like a week prior. Any tips?? I've made such huge improvements when it comes to public speaking and my general anxiety (which was peak in college), but this presentation is just so massive that even thinking about it makes me stomach sick. Any feedback is helpful!
  15. Personally, I wouldn't recommend it, but that's just me. I took for a year Xanax, Cipralex and another pill, don't remember the name, for anxiety, depression and mood swings.
    Short story, in the beginning it was amazing, I could focus on my tasks, I was more outspoken, cheerful but after a while it all felt rather superficial and I wanted to make all this progress by myself, without any help from some pills.
    Plus the withdrawal symptoms were absolutely horrifying, my anxiety and depression were reaching new heights and I said no more.
    I hope this helps, good luck with your presentation, you can do this.
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  16. I only want to take it this one time, and won't exactly be getting a prescription. But this is helpful. I am extremely weary of pills in general (family history) so definitely have this type of thing on my mind.
  17. I think you would be fine to take it just the once, as long as you are aware that you may have a bit of rebound anxiety when it wears off. With it being just one pill and your presentation being over at that point, I don't think the rebound effect would be very bad. Just... if you have an addictive personality at all, give it a miss. Maybe try just getting a couple so you don't have them readily available after the presentation. You could also look into hydroxyzine/Vistaril, which is technically an antihistamine also used to help relieve anxiety (and opioid withdrawal) but it sounds like something you might be more comfortable with. @tylerc904
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  18. Someone just give @tylerc904 a placebo labelled xanax because I swear when I used to take it for flying, it was just sugar pills.
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  19. Ugh I wish! I am the worst public speaker, like face on fire, voice cracking, hands shaking. And its to our extended attorney group so I'm unsure I'll even show up. I once booked a trip to get out of a presentation schedule 6 months in advance.
  20. I'm laughing about the trip.
    Honestly I totally relate. Well, I don't do anything that puts me in such a position, but just imagining it makes me a bit queasy.
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