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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by DreamlessNights, Nov 15, 2015.

  1. I... is this legal?
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  2. This is disgusting. I'm so sorry you have to work under this guy.
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  3. I'm sorry that you are dealing with these people. The real issues comment did rile me up even just reading, the nerve of some people.
  4. I think what bothers me most about all of this is that I'd probably still have a job if I'd just flat out lied. You know, made up a lie that I couldn't go to such and such event because, I don't know, I had to go to the hospital or something. If I hadn't told them that I struggle with "big groups" and that it gives me anxiety and just eaten my lunch in the staff room from day one instead of alienating myself there wouldn't be an issue. Because I'm decent at my job. I have no problem coaching and getting along with the people I work with on a daily basis. I'm not even that terrible at standing in front of a big group because that's part of my job. It's just that some people are making it more difficult than it has to be.
  5. I think that my bosses/manager would never say it so bluntly but if I ever opted out of a team building activity/function, they would basically send the same message. It's really not optional and definitely a "we take it as you are not a team player" kind of thing. I have been forced to bowl and hangout at an 8 hour campsite activity in the last two years which is waaaayyyy out of my comfort zone (and like I lost sleep over them days leading up to it). Work really can be the most stressful thing, I don't know why they're obsessed with socializing with each other.
  6. This is honestly making me sick to my stomach with anger.

    It really is like a lot of bosses don't grasp that the whole capitalism thing means an exchange of labor for money. No labor, no money, but also, no money, no labor.
  7. I despise these kind of situations, one year ago a colleague of mine told me that I might get a lower score on my evaluation because I refused to go laser tag or whatever with them. I was so exhausted after a 9 hours shift to hang out more with those people. I mean, I was sitting next to them day after day, and I could barely stand them, so yeah, I would rather not waste my free time on a cold beer and insipid discussions.

    Thank god I left and now I work remote, they will not be missed.
  8. What kind of fuckery?
  9. I have to present to clients for an hour tomorrow on a platform I only vaguely understand the point of, then there's another one in two weeks at 7 in the morning.

  10. Hey, thanks for your post. It means a lot.

    To go in depth, depending on the day, I go through many mood swings. I can be doing something fulfilling like listening to my favorite music, thinking optimistically about my transition and its plans, then on the way to the bathroom I'll very quickly check how I look, and a sudden negative wave will hit me.

    I'll start feeling like a failure, that I'm doing this too late or that I should just forget about it and keep living in a body that doesn't feel mine just to please others and be safe, which doesn't make much sense I suppose. It's like a vicious cycle.

    Since I went back home, I haven't had the courage to tell my therapist about my sexual and identity issues. I acknowledge that I'm my own obstacle, and also preventing myself from improving. I still lack too much confidence, or fear that she won't understand my struggles and instead will tell me that it's just a phase and that I will get over it? I've been there before with a doctor so I remain cautious.

    On a positive side, I reveived two clothes usually fitted for women (a shirt and a fancy jacket!) today and just seeing how surprisingly well they fit me is giving me a huge confidence boost. Okay, the first one might be a little too small, as it was my first time buying something like this online and didn't look at the measurements enough, but I feel much more at ease knowing that I'm able to pull this off.

    It went on a bit longer than I wanted, but thanks again!

    I hate shaving my face so bad that I just do it clumsily now ugh. I haven't tried anything as far as treatments go, but I feel you. Having coworkers tell me that I look 16 when clean shaven is amusing though.
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  11. She's back on meds.

  12. I never know whether to post in this thread or the depression thread or the rants/annoyances thread.

    I'm on a bit of a really low low at the moment. I've been off work a month or so and will probably be off for the rest of this month. I'm 35 and since just before turning 30 I've been stuck in this big hazy cloud of woefulness and rubbish confidence and hopelessness.

    I've tried counselling, but I feel like it just doesn't work for me. I overthink way too much and what they usually have to say is stuff I already know, but just can't find a way to overcome. My GP suggested going for anti-depressants - something I've resisted for all this time, but maybe it's worth a try.

    The overthinking thing also keeps me wide awake and I'm probably getting 2-3 hours sleep. Yuk.

    I just feel like I need some motivation. How do you guys keep yourself motivated?
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  13. Me too sis, cheers xx Hope you're handling it well.
    I'm also very curious about this. I mean, procrastination is seriously killing me.
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  14. Literally writing down a list of things I wanted to do that day and physically ticking it off was honestly super helpful to break through my wall of procrastinating/non-motivation. It sounds ridiculously simple but just making it 'real' on paper was a bit of a turning point. When tasks are just abstract floaty things that might need to get done at some point, in my experience that's all they stayed at.
  15. I literally wrote out a morning and evening routine that had simple stuff like “brush teeth” and “wash face” on it. Sometimes you just need to break everything down in simple tasks.

    @Sick Sad World if you don’t like therapy (believe me I get it) have you ever tried an approach like meditation? Headspace has a free ten day course if you want to see what it’s about.
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  16. Me when I started back up in October.

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  17. Dddd I got a generous $$$ bump but they want to put me in charge of people. Me.

  18. Apparently rumours of my impending departure from my current job is doing the rounds, and every colleague I've spoken to since has been really surprised that my "lack of a connection with the team" is the reason I have to leave.


    Anyway, I've become a bit obsessed with keeping a mood journal. I've been doing it for a while, but I can feel it being really beneficial for me in the long run now. I try to keep track of whenever I feel anxious/depressed, and it more or less helps me figure out the reasons why I feel a certain way. (Not that there's always a reason, but usually there is.) I had another look at my mood journal from when my anxiety and depression was at its worst last year and it was all pretty much work-related. I also find that writing in the journal in general and decorating it with cute shit really helps me calm down.
  19. Sounds like every time my old boss said our team was having struggles and people were always reacting like Oprah.

    On a different note, I had a back to work plan for one whole week before my psychiatrist pulled the plug.
  20. I have to try writing one too

    *me writing my journal*
    - family
    - university
    - money

    x365 days
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