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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by DreamlessNights, Nov 15, 2015.

  1. To be fair, most of my journal entries are more or less "Spent most of the day crying. Stopped crying when I discovered Marina has a new song out. Ate pepperoni pizza. Mood: 3/5." It's nothing groundbreaking but it does help.
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  2. A day with new Marina and a pizza is a good day indeed!
    *Calls the pizzeria*
  3. I got prescribed Sertraline (Zoloft) on Friday.

    I was going to start tomorrow.
    Just wondered if anyone here has an experience with this and if you have any advice/feedback.
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  4. I’m on it now, same dose. And was on it for like 2 years a while back.

    It’s helped immensely. But fair warning, it takes like a month to really even out, at least for me. I feel like shit the first few days to a week, and I’ve lost weight both times I’ve started it. The first time I took it I woke up with night sweats and almost puked. This time I tapered up, from 25mg to 50mg. I’ve lost a bit of weight both times too (mild nausea and lack of appetite for a few days), but I’ve gained it all back. For the first couple weeks or so, I get random moments of panic, but it’s pretty easy to get out of that headspace when you’re on the medication. From there on out it’s usually smooth sailing. I can get a little lethargic here and there, but I’d prefer that to panic and anxiety.

    Of course it’s different for everyone. But good luck!
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  5. It was my first anti-depressant. It worked for me pretty well when I was initially on it, though I did have to be upped from 50mg to 100mg a few months in. One thing that it did to me was give me incredibly vivid dreams. They weren't always nightmares (in fact I rarely had them), but I remembered them incredibly vividly. Also, if you start getting any negative side effects, notify your doctor immediately.

    Also, at least from my experience, if you ever end up going off them and needing to go back onto an anti-depressant again, Setraline usually won't work again after you go off it. At least, that's how it was for me.
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  6. well I’ve been lowkey an anxious mess since yesterday and to make matters worse I kinda read that people misdiagnose anxiety symptoms and now I’m convinced that what I suffer from is not anxiety but some sort of illness and I cried because of it and now I feel like crying again

    I’m really tired living like this...
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  7. I forgot that adjusting to medication fucks up my sleep for a good two weeks.

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  8. If any1 ever needs to talk, I know a random person on the internet may seem odd, but I've been through enough and deal with this shit as well... sometimes just venting and being heard is all we need...

    Remember, you aren't alone in this... it sucks still I know, but being the only one would be worse...

    Take life, 5 Min. at a time...
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  9. But when they kick in and you lose the ability to give a fuck it's so worth it!

  10. I was put on 50mg back in November, my dose has increased to what it is now (200mg) and... still no effect. It definitely works for some people, but it's not helped me in any way. Vivid dreams (not nightmares) are definitely a side effect, as is things not working down below I've not cum since 2018 :(

    I'm going back to the Drs next week though to try and get put on something else, I think Sertraline is the one they put everyone on at first then work from there to figure out which is best.
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  11. Guess who had a panic attack and had to leave work early today! Luckily no one saw me panicking, and my boss was understandable, but god what an all-around degrading experience that is.

    I got prescribed this stuff back in college - it worked well, but it absolutely killed my appetite. The thought of eating anything, even my favorite comfort food, just made me queasy. So you may want to grab some meal replacement shakes or bars for the first couple of weeks.

    Then again, that may not be the same for everybody!
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  12. A very drunk man came into my work about an hour ago and told me he knew how to kill people because he's done it before when I asked him to leave.

    Needless to say I called the police and am a bit shaken up.
  13. I've been on Sertraline since January. I think it was the second day that my anxiety was ridiculously elevated, but I have been much better since. No side effects that I'm aware of. Jizzing left and right. Good luck!
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  14. been anxious and depressed all day + missed uni today and I’m just sick of it

    I. need. help
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  15. Does your university have a health centre? Can you go there?
  16. No I don’t think there is
  17. Have you done some looking? Sometimes these services are not well advertised, it depends on the university. If there’s nothing, is there a doctor you can see?
  18. I think my biggest fear about going on any kind of medicine is it killing my sex drive which is already pretty low. Obviously I'm nervous about other side effects, but has this affected anyone on here?
  19. Yeah this is pretty much why I stopped taking Zoloft. I couldn't stay erect on it, basically. Which is unfortunate because other than that there were no other side effects really. Some people take it with no issue though, so it's worth a try if you're suffering.
  20. I second this side effect. And agree because otherwise it was working, so it's a shame I had to go off it.
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