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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by DreamlessNights, Nov 15, 2015.

  1. I've got so many things happening at the moment and I just try and put on a brave face and carry on hoping things will get better but they never seem to do.
    Family illness, money issues, I'm in trouble at work (literally because my manager does not understand me and has taken a personal dislike to me) self esteem is at an all time low. I suffer from tension headaches constantly which is enough to ruin anyone's life by itself alone.

    I feel completely crushed.
    I've never taken medication or been to see my GP about it but I've made an appointment for next week, what are they likely to say/do?
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  2. @PopGaga it’s difficult to say. I’d guess they’ll suggest seeing a therapist as a first line treatment. Medication could be discussed as well.

    If anyone here uses Headspace I highly recommend trying out the Pain Management course. I’m a third of the way through and it’s making me look at chronic pain in a different way.
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  3. It doesn't change everything, but sending love to everyone struggling...

    Breathe In. Breathe Out.
    Take life 5 minutes at a time...
  4. I’ve been on this since November.

    50mg initially then 100mg ... Dropped down to 50mg again as it made me tired (I have CFS so this can be a huge issue of meds for me) and the stress/temsion headaches got worse again so back up to 100mg.

    Side effects as mentioned above (constant tiredness, vivid dreams, sexual issues, bathroom related issues).
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  5. My social anxiety has been flaring up lately after a year or ten and I have no idea why. I refuse to let it get the best of me, so I'm forcing myself to go out and meet up, but it's glaringly obvious it'll catch up on me in a few weeks...
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  6. I was in the exact same boat, but last summer I decided I had to do something about my anxiety as I was due to start my PhD that October so I finally went to my GP.
    I know they don’t work for everyone, but meds have been a godsend to me. 30mg citalopram daily and then 40-80mg propranolol as and when I need it in stressful times (my anxiety is mainly social). I haven’t gone down the therapy route, but I’m not ruling it out.
    Fingers crossed for you.
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  7. Thats awesome that you know what may be ahead, so put tools in place NOW so it's not as bad, and maybe even avoidable... "=]
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  8. Hugs and i just wanted to say i admire your inner strength and resolve. Hoping that you get through this without relapsing back into the social anxiety, but even if you do i know that you have the power to deal with it accordingly.
  9. I started experiencing chest pain last night and I thought sleeping til the morning would help but it occurred again during midday. Thankfully I drank some Kava tea and it seems to have helped as I havent felt any chest pain the past hour. I think the chest pain I experienced was caused by the stress I've been feeling lately. I haven't been taking my medication as well and need a new prescription. I experienced worse pain about two years when I left this numbing pain on my left arm that was really debilitating. I thought it was a symptom of a heart attack as my heart started to flutter, my palms and legs got cold, sweating, and shortness of breath. I went to the ER and they ran an EKG, sonogram etc and all the tests confirmed that I was perfectly healthy and my heart is fine. I was just having an anxiety attack. Although I felt relieved I still felt the symptoms from time to time. Prozac instantly alleviated those symptoms and I experienced no more of those symptoms.

    I haven't taken Prozac in about two months and have neglected in seeing my psychiatrist to refill my prescription. I thought I didn't need the medication anymore but anxiety has an evil way in sneaking its way to your life in full vengeance when you least expect it. I did a full annual physical a week ago and everything is fine. Anxiety is just evil. I'm going to see if I can call my psychiatrist again on Monday to book an appointment with her ASAP to get those refills. I most likely have to start over from the smallest dosage but as long as I work my way back up to 80mg I'll feel better. I also have to accept that I might have to rely on these medication for a long time and maybe even the rest of my life. I can't drink much alcohol under this medication as it triggers my depression. The only substance I can really use is marijuana as it hasnt had any side effect on me for the past 15 years. I learned to control my anxiety attacks when I'm under the influence.
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  10. I feel sick. I was just diagnosed as diabetic a week ago. I have to get a foot exam and dilated eye exam done. I’m freaking out because I just feel like I’m going to die young (I’m 27) with all my issues. I have asthma, diabetes, and potential heart issues (always have racing heart and chest pain once or twice a month, but that could be from constant stress). I’m worried about foot amputation even though that may not even be a proble but it’s there, my feet are messed up. My mental health is messed up, my physical health is messed up. I’m constantly anxious from home stress and now the diabetes stress.

    I just feel like I’m going to pass out from dealing with everything.
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  11. I’m so sorry. No consolation, but they’ve probably caught it at a time where you can really work on managing your conditions and avoiding some of the really serious consequences. My dad was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes fourteen years ago and he hasn’t lost a foot. Foot exams are normal to see if there has been any nerve damage yet. It doesn’t necessarily mean there is.
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  12. Thanks for your response. I naturally worry more so hopefully it’s caught early enough. Just one more going to worry about that I really didn’t want.
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  13. You may want to check out if there are any groups for newly diagnosed diabetics. I have a friend with MS and she went to a group for that and found it really helpful to talk to people with the same symptoms and fears.

    I'm not really up on my diabetic research, but I think I've heard that depending on the case it may be possible to put type 2 diabetes into a type of remission. Definitely something to chat with your care provider about.
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  14. I was recently diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and was told that I could still fight it
    I can completely relate to how you were diagnosed because it happened to me, too. I thought I was having a heart attack. Thrice. This is after being treated for acute depression for years.

    I finally, recently went back on Prozac after a few years on Welbutrin (and being a musician and DJ and blasting loud music into my ears) gave me a horrible case of tinnitis. Believe it or not, my tinnitis has abated but I'll be with some form of it forever, unfortunately. The prozac has almost overnight calmed me down, but the reason I came off of it originally has returned, and that is a severe drop in sex drive. I'm practically ace anyway now, so it doesn't matter much anyway. But prozac did do a number on a couple of relationships of mine. In a bad way, but it's better than being suicidal so no real regrets. If you experience a lack of sexdrive, don't blame yourself, cant-we-just-cuddle is a known side-effect of Fluoxitine. That could just be for males, I don't know, and I'm no doctor.

    I have a prescription for Xanax and it's the only thing that works FOR ME on those crazy staring at the ceiling nights where you can't control your obsessive feelings of shame, dread, regret, hypocondria and impending doom. However, it's so addictive so I don't take it much. It also makes me sleepy and I like to work late into the night doing my artwork and writing so I avoid it. But sometimes, seriously, I mean this, just knowing it's there and remembering how you feel when you do take it (if you can coach yourself to) are enough in a lot of stressy situations.

    I wish you well. I would never ever recommend dropping any psychmeds without close doctor supervision (and second medical opinions if you can) because the results can be devastating. Trust me, I've made that mistake and am lucky to be alive today.
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  15. My anxiety has been absolutely dreadful lately. I've been away on weekend trips (for concerts) a lot these past three weeks and while I really enjoyed them, my anxiety followed me around pretty much everywhere. I couldn't stop worrying about stupid shit and feeling genuinely terrified about silly little things to the point where I almost couldn't drag myself out of the hotel. I've been trying to pinpoint where the anxiety came from but it's just there. I wish I could just chill and not have my brain throwing a million different worries at me. I'm not unused to feeling some form of anxiety when I'm travelling on my own but it's been particularly bad this time. It sucks.
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  16. So my boyfriend's grandmother has been diagnosed with terminal leukaemia, my father has had a stroke sometime in the recent past (although the hospital isn't quite sure when), my dissertation is going disastrously, I'm fretting about moving into my first house with my boyfriend (so much paperwork and stress), my cousin is a drug addict and nobody in my family is willing to confront her or accept the fact (she has a habit of turning violent), I'm isolated from my friends because of my dissertation (my old group of friends are still spreading malicious rumours about me and the university will do anything about it) and last night my boyfriend's mother bit my head off when I asked a perfectly innocent question.

    As of 8am this morning I have gone completely non-verbal (i have Aspergers syndrome). Everything has happened at once and I'm struggling to process anything. I shut down for about half an hour (this is where I essentially took much longer to do anything or process something, I tend to be aware that I've shut down but I'm unable to do anything about it) and although I've come out of it now, I'm still non-verbal, which is awful considering the university's mental health team want to talk to me today.
  17. I’m so sorry to hear that! That’s a lot for you to deal with.

    If the mental health team want to talk to you face to face, perhaps you could take a pad with you and write your thoughts down rather than speaking? That might help.
  18. I actually suggested that in an email to them not fifteen minutes ago. I'm waiting to hear back but I expect that I'll have to go on the waiting list which, at this time of year with deadlines coming up, is about three weeks long. I'm hoping they can get me in sooner, but I'm not expecting a miracle to be honest.
  19. Fingers crossed. I really hope they let you do it in writing!
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  20. I finally regained the use of my voice late last night and I was supposed to have a telephone consultation with the mental health team 45 minutes ago but they haven’t called. Not impressed.
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