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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by DreamlessNights, Nov 15, 2015.

  1. I think I might try therapy again. My mental health life has not been bad for a few years now and it's not as dangerous as it was when I was a teen with serious OCD, anxiety and depression but I feel like dealing with all the things in life (being gay in the Middle East, still struggling with knowing my place in this world, experiencing an unrequited love with a friend for 2 years and just coming out of it which took a lot out of me, trying a dating life with all the obstacles that I have, still living with a very difficult parent, trying to be out going, working on my social life....) on my own has exhausted me.

    Like I probably know all the answers and things that I can do to help these issues but I feel like everything has become too much that I need someone professional to tell me what to do without me second guessing it in my mind. Or at the very least to get these out of my chest.
  2. Go for it! Really I just use my therapist as a sanity check nn.
  3. I just don’t see a way out of my current predicament and I’m tired of searching for one. And I’m so tired of everyone thinking the exit is therapy. It’s been almost a year, it feels like enough should be enough. I almost want to be signed back to work so I can go back to just muddling through life. If I cope badly I’ll cope badly I guess. I don’t know.

    It’s month two of my dieticians no scales/measuring plan. And I already tried to break it again (I did fail at least). I really want to track calories again too, which I’m not supposed to do. And my therapist called anorexia an addiction and said the way to get better was to listen to my body’s hunger cues. Which are NON-EXISTENT, this woman has no clue. I thought she would be different.
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  4. As a survivor/fighter for the rest of my life (lol at peeps being like IM CURED, um ok Jan) of Anorexia my inbox is always open... I wouldn't wish this son of a bitch on anyone...

    It is the deadliest mental illness, so please be kind to yourself, think of the battle you're fighting...
  5. I tend to think that therapists just don’t understand anorexia. The only people who have understood it on my health team are the dieticians. But they still want me to do therapy too and ugh.
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  6. If you need to talk more about this you can PM me, cause I have some thoughts, but I don't know if everyone else here cares lol
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  7. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

    I've come to realise that all my coping strategies amount to little more than keeping myself afloat, meaning I'm often only one negative experience away from it all coming back. An encounter with some rude idiots tonight has made me feel awful. On a better day I'd just brush it off, but I'd popped out to clear my head and ended up making things worse.
  8. I’m sorry this happened. I’ve had the same happen to me too when I’m trying to get fresh air and breathe in a situation, and the next thing I know, something happens and I’m backtracking through recovery. All you can do is make yourself a promise not to let today dictate your tomorrow. Whatever happened is on those idiots, not you, as hard as it is to tell ourselves that sometimes. You got this.
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  9. “I mean, you can be in the best position of your life and in the healthiest place in your life and then you get one text message that just makes you fall to your knees. Or you get one comment on social media or you get one like and you’re like, here comes that wave of nostalgia from the past.” - Katy Perry

    I think the key to this is to have support systems in place... family, friends, therapist, hobbies, etc...
    Take care of yourselves everyone, 5 minutes at a time, breathe, work on yourself and reach out...

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  10. I'm at some of the worst moments I've ever been in terms of anxiety and the months to come are going to bring a lot of hardship for me because of some situations that are very likely to get resolved in the wrong way and that are basically related to very vital things I can't go into detail here. Among other things, the more important deadlines come, the more I can't focus and the less I can do. I feel tired and anxious all the time and everything is becoming a difficult task. I have been seeing a psychiatrist for a year now and it did help a lot in the beginning, but now I don't know if I hit a plateau with the medication or if it's just like the medication won't do much more for me, if that makes any sense.
    At the same time, I've been volunteering somewhere were I work with people who are victims of torture and rape and it makes me think that I shouldn't be feeling this way. Volunteering here has been one of the best things that had happened to me lately, and I'm not only saying this because of how important the work this organization does is, but also on a personal level. It has giving me a sense of purpose and connected me with people with very different backgrounds. One of the biggest symptoms of my mental health has been a feeling of numbness that an experience like this kind of helps shake off. At the same time however there are this other feelings of guilt associated with it.
    Anyway, I'm just writing this here because it feels good to send this into the world and an anonymous way. Thank you for reading.
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  11. 5 minutes at a time... seriously...

    Regarding the spoiler part,
    Somone else's pain doesn't diminish yours... Some may SEEM greater and in some ways are/is, however that doesn't mean you don't have pain/don't deserve to feel sorry or get some help/sympathy for yourself...
    One person going through chemo vs a person with migraines may SEEM like well yeah chemo is worse but each pain is different for that person and doesn't mean that a doctor would be like "too bad, you need to have cancer before you qualify for help" (ironically lol I have seen Doctors do this but that is beside the point and WRONG)... I think you need to keep doing that work that you are doing there and imo either taper the medication up or down (sometimes, in some cases with various medications, tapering them DOWN (not off completely) helps, it's very true for St Johns Wort, like legit had a dose that I needed to tone down to feel better) Sadly all of this takes trial and error and time :(

    *** To everyone ***
    Sending love and hope and remember not that this fixes a damn thing but you aren't alone, we are all humans walking through this shit and if we can send some kind of love to eachother in some small way, maybe we can change someone's world...
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  12. Thanks a lot! Yes, it definitely does take trial and error and time.
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  13. Checking in on everyone, hope you all are taking it 5 minutes at a time...
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  14. Has anyone here used Silvercloud? I got access to it last month and I kinda hate it. There is useful stuff on there but most of the time I feel too unmotivated to even log in - my supporter has advised me to go on and do about 10-15 minutes per day but then I just end up feeling like it's looming over me all day and makes me even more reluctant to log in! (I realise how lazy that makes me sound, to not even want to do 10 minutes per day, but just I really feel unmotivated and disheartened by it after the wait time I had.)
  15. Sooooo my emotions have been spilling out of control since I went back to work and of course a lot went back into my anorexic thoughts. I had made a deal not to weigh myself but ended up finding out my weight yesterday because I chose to let a diffferent doctors office tell me. I’m not happy with what I found out, even though rationally I realize I don’t look any bigger.

    On a more positive note I found a new therapist who’s willing to do narrative therapy and DBT with me. Maybe seventh time’s the charm!
  16. How is the therapy going? Scales are evil.

    Speaking of therapy, I have made my first session ever. It’s a long time coming and the cost is high but I need it. I live with my parents and it’s stressful, plus my sister may be moving a kid in when she has her baby next month. My sister...causes about 50% of my stress so I need to get myself a safety plan. Stat.

    A bit of good news, one of my friends from Twitter and I began talking last month. I’m really happy at this development as it’s been roughly over two years since we’ve been friends.We’re picking it right back up though.
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  17. I’ve had a message from somebody in the local LGBTQ+ community who I used to be very good friends with. Several months ago I discovered they had been making vile comments about the fact I have autism and how it presents itself and I cut her and her girlfriend out of my life.

    However, I just had a message from her that got borderline threatening saying that I’ve tried to destroy her life, I keep posting about her and her gf endlessly on Social Media (I barely use SM at this point) and that I need to move on with my life. The thing is: I haven’t thought about these two people at all in MONTHS. This has come out of the blue and is so filled with delusion and straight up lies that it’s freaked me out and now I can’t sleep. My heart is racing, my hands feel perishingly cold and even though they don’t know where I live (I’ve moved since last I spoke to either of them) I don’t even feel safe in my own home.

    I’m trying not to think about it but it’s left me profoundly anxious and scared for my safety. Realistically, I know there is nothing she can do considering she has absolutely no idea where I live to the best of my knowledge- but I’m spooked and I don’t know what to do.

    I’ve been in such a good place emotionally and mentally lately and I don’t want this to set me back. She doesn’t deserve that kind of hold over me.
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  18. I.. made an appointment with my nurse practitioner to discuss potential avenues for helping my anxiety / stress / (on-off?) depression. The appointment is actually giving me severe anxiety. Can anyone somewhat describe how I should go into this or have any pointers? Much appreciate in advance! xx
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  19. Personally, I went the natural route, but whatever can help you go with it, but STICK to it... 6 weeks to FULLY know imo
    Pm if you have more ?'s etc... *hug*
  20. Guess who finally got put on an SSRI for anxiety after 22 years of living?
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