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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by DreamlessNights, Nov 15, 2015.

  1. Are you eating too much salt in your food? Salty food results in heart issues and bad sleep to over simplify it.
  2. Perhaps I need to type this out in order to become a bit less restless:

    I am extremely anxious right now. In 20 minutes I have to defend my thesis in order to acquire my masters degree in geography. But damn my trauma from my first thesis is in the back of my mind making me completely unfocussed. Then I failed the first time, cause the professors did not agree. If I fail now, how in earth am I going to get myself together for a second try if I feel like this already?

    I have taken desperate measures and listening only to Enya, but even this queen can't make me relaxed.
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  3. Hey all,

    I guess this is the right thread to post this.

    I was just wondering if anyone can relate to this in any shape or form?

    Since November 2018, I started to get these really strange adrenaline rushes as I went to sleep. Just before I would go into the land of nod, I get this rush feeling that causes me to sit up. My heart starts racing and over the past 18 months, it’s become more and more frequent, to the point it happens every night now.

    I haven’t had a decent night sleep now for ages. I also seem to wake up every couple of hours.

    Got myself checked out at the hospital and was told it was stress and anxiety related (hence why I’m posting this in here). It’s definitely not a hypnic jerk, it’s just such a horrible feeling in my chest. I also feel shooting pains in my heart which genuinely makes me feel as though I’m about to have a heart attack.

    Really sorry for the long essay, but if anyone at all can relate to this... please get in touch!
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  4. Ive experienced this, not as often as Hypnic Jerks, but this has definitely happened to me a few times and it definitely feels like a weird bout of panic and anxiety to me.
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  5. My anxiety levels now are higher and the cause is something that will happen in three months. It’s ridiculous, I know.

    The idea of being in front of a camera presenting a paper to a group of people that I don’t know is so scary to me. Not only because I’m not confident about the said paper but there’s the fact that I hate the idea of people watching me and hearing me. I hate how stupid I look on camera and how my voice is strange.

    Anxiety kills me. Literally. It drains every emotion of my body and just leave these thoughts of how I’m a fraud. The excitement and happiness from my work being accepted is gone and I wish it wasn’t so I wouldn’t need to present it.
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  6. I strongly encourage either therapy or therapy videos...

    Kati Morton on youtube has legit saved my life...
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  7. Has anyone here had Serotonin Syndrome before? The most horrific thing I've experienced ever I really thought I was going to seizure and lights out.

    Because of it I'm now terrified to take anything again, my anxiety is getting worse to the point i cant manage it, but the thought of muscles twitching and spasms and hearing you blood pressure literally thundering in your ear is something id wish on nobody.

    I thought about just trying L-Theanine which has a lot of positive research and low dose Trytophan as a natural alternative to SSRIs might make me feel a bit safer but I don't think i deal with risking it, my anxiety is always in overdrive but thinking about ever having this happen again is worse.
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  8. I've taken St Johns Wort, Rhodiola and L-Theanine

    St J: Get a good kind (i can give you some ideas) but I wouldn't take it LONG term if you have any eye issues as it will fuck up how BRIGHT things are, for me things are already too bright and legit will trigger a migraine and thus this is not something I like to take in the Summer

    Which brings me to

    L-Theanine: I really like this, I legit have stopped migraines dead in their tracks within 20-30 min and I do feel like my brain/head relaxes

    Rhodiola: I take this everyday and have for years, I feel like it takes the edge off a bit and more is NOT better (500 mg is about the highest you'll wanna go)

    Let me know if you have any questions, you can PM me too...

    Sending love <3
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  9. I’ve said this before but Marisa Peer has some really good YouTube content.

    Plus, if you sign up to her mailing list they send free hypnosis downloads, affirmations, wellness advice etc.

    One thing that isn’t mentioned enough is how dehydration can make anxiety so much worse. A good vitamin supplement helps me. And daily exercise is literally essential.
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  10. Today has been so rubbish; I think I've stressed so much over the past few weeks and now I've crashed.

    I had the weirdest panic attack at about 5 this morning, just pacing up and down my kitchen, and I didn't sleep til 6. I woke up this afternoon and felt as if I hadn't slept at all, and as I'm sat typing this I've got the shakes, my heart is racing, my back hurts, I have the worst brain fog and I just feel awful. Me hardly drinking water this weekend probably doesn't help either.

    I'm forgetting my point of writing this dd, but I feel like people overlook how much anxiety manifests physically, not just mentally, and how it can really take its toll after a certain amount of time.
  11. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    I hope that lessens for you soon, @Physical. Sometimes we put up with these sensations but don't take much notice of them until they become more severe, other times it's like they're out of the blue.

    My anxiety often manifests itself in the form of a pulling sensation at the back of my head. It's hard to describe but when I have my darker days it definitely feels like I'm being pulled back, almost like some sort of metaphor.
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  12. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    So... I’m scared to move back to my apartment. I’ve been living with my parents since early March. I already wasn’t doing well before the pandemic really sunk in, so this was an insurance policy that I wouldn’t fly off the deep end. I also had a bad feeling that I wouldn’t be able to manage my eating disorder. Well turns out I was right. My mom wanted me to try going back to my house during my vacation but I refused. I really think I wouldn’t eat if I went home. It’s hard enough for me to eat with two people supporting me. But my parents (mostly my mom) sometimes imply that I’ll never go home if I don’t do it soon. I honestly don’t think that’s true, I guess I want more security in myself before trying?

    At this point I’ve stayed longer than the time I left the hospital for the same condition.
  13. Deep breath... dead serious if you need to message me as I can offer some advice/assurance and pretty much could have written a majority of what you wrote *hug*
  14. My anxiety was finally beginning to lessen and get back to pre pandemic levels but after my sibling turning up unannounced for the nth time this year two weekends ago. She ended up being the catalyst for a situation that didn’t need to occur because she’s incredibly thoughtless with her choice of words especially in a house with two autistic relatives who both have a strained relationship with.

    But I feel like I’ve been sent several steps backwards I’ve haven’t been so consumed with severe anxiety in years. But last week was awful and my disability was making it harder to calm down and overanalysing the situation because for my mum’s sake I do hold back in terms of my feelings. I did manage to tell my sibling her constant negativity this year isn’t helpful and told her not to visit whilst her eldest is staying with us. But instead of taking any accountability for her actions she decides to victim blame and throw a pity party. She then divulges in information that was held back from me at the expense of my own health in case I had a panic attack which I did after finding out.

    I spent the week explaining the autistic perspective as I try to inform my parents so situations don’t occur at home so meltdowns can be avoided but only my dad listened to me and asked me if I was ok. Whilst my mum claims to never play favourites but last week couldn’t have been a clearer message to me as she was only concerned with constant worry about her eldest child. I know her treatment has cognitive side effects but she has been enabling and excusing my siblings toxic behaviour for years and my sibling having mental health issues doesn’t excuse her behaviour at all. In the end it felt like a slap to face especially after everything I’ve done for my mum this year after 32 years I finally knew my real worth as a daughter and it hurts.

    It got so bad I had to withdraw from what little was enjoyable for me because I can’t shut myself in my room for days to recover right now. So on Saturday I had a meltdown due to my sibling visiting cause she brought a stranger to my home which made me very uncomfortable so I politely excused myself and mentioned my disability before she was going to speak over and for me. This week my mum seems to have finally remembered my existence and that I have feelings that are valid and a disability but her lack of concern when I mentioned I had a meltdown was very telling. When I was having my meltdown it occurred to me that everytime it was only my dad who asked how I was afterwards.

    I feel better this week but writing this out has made me emotional but I can’t keep suffering in silence at the expense of my own health. In short last week was a real eye opener of sorts.
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  15. Are there any UK people here that haver any experience of CBD supplements? Do they help? What type of product do you use? Where do you get it?

    I feel I definitely have some sort of anxieties or depression but they're not debilitating, they're more an annoyance. Like, if I need to do something I'll do it but if there's a long a build up to it, I'll worry, I'll over think, I'll put it off as long as possible, it will seriously stress me out every time. This is particularly true if I'm not confident in my ability to do something, if I think someone will criticise it, if I think someone will say no, that sort of thing. But I'll knuckle down and get it done at the last minute. I don't know, maybe this is just major procrastination, maybe it's just laziness and I'm making excuses for myself.

    I'm also really struggling with sleep at the moment and thoughts around death during those hours. I have to fall asleep to the TV or a podcast which is not ideal when you sleep with a partner. I find drinking helps with that, but it's not the ideal solution really is it?

    I'm not a fan of doctors, my experiences with them have been poor, I've never truly felt they listened when I've needed to go so I wanted to try something I can deal with myself. I'm also not a fan of prescriptions, especially reliance on prescriptions medications. I have been addicted to substances before so any medications that have addictive qualities or I might develop some sort of dependence on scare me a bit.

    Exercise can help a little, though during lockdown that's been more difficult. I can't really run becuase of knees, the gym has reopened so that's sort of good but there's other worries associated with that. Meditation is a possibility I suppose. But part of my struggle is stopping thoughts in my head once they're there.. I guess with practice this could work?
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  16. I feel you on a lot of this. My reply isn't completely directed toward you, but riffing off of your points a little.

    I'm in the US, but I've been experimenting with CBD-type products lately, and from what I've noticed, they have indeed been helping calm my nerves. I notice myself feeling more relaxed and chilled out, but not high like THC will do, if that makes sense. THC doesn't really gel with me - it just makes my anxiety worse. The last CBD item I tried were candy peach ring gummies, which were delicious dddd.

    I've struggled with anxiety for maybe about fifteen years now? It's been much worse than it is now, but it's manifested in many forms, which is frustrating. It started off in my mid-teens with panic attacks, which occurred regularly for 3-4 years or so before fading off. I very rarely if ever have them now. My current issue is mainly social anxiety, particularly around dating. It's very severe - I haven't been on a date in 4 years, although I've been active on apps & no other issues socially. I'm not sure why I'm this way - I suppose it's a fear of rejection, but almost more my fear of rejecting them than them rejecting me? It's a huge fear, though - no one takes me seriously.

    Anyway, while that has always been a constant, I've also struggled with health anxiety - which is easily the most debilitating when it strikes. It's never completely gone away, I think about death & worst-case-scenario symptoms all the time. I read a story about how someone choked to death while eating steak - it frightened me out of eating big bites of food, or eating quickly at all, so I lost a massive amount of weight. That continued on for half a year until I started gaining slowly again. When I was in uni, I convinced myself I had ALS, MS, a brain tumor, diabetes, cataracts, schizophrenia... you name it. It was around that time I was actually put on citalopram (for anxiety & depression), but I only took it for a year before weaning myself off of it. I haven't taken any medications since.

    I strongly encourage medication if anyone feels like they need it. I've always thought a therapist would be helpful to wring some of these issues out, but I've never seen one. When it comes to supplements, my go-to is Vitamin D + Magnesium taken together... I've always received slight relief from that combination. I'm currently taking L-Theanine, too. I recently took a break from coffee/caffeine for over 100 days - that always helps, although I like coffee too much to fully quit for now. Caffeine does play a part in my anxiety, although I am curious to see if L-Theanine will help take the edge off.

    Exercise also helps, even if I hate to admit it. If I'm feeling really stressed or anxious, I'll typically walk around my house, or outside, or wherever I can until I start to feel the stress melt. It works, & usually only takes about 30 minutes.

    I still struggle - some days are harder than others when it comes to convincing myself to getting out of bed, showering, focusing on eating nutritious foods, taking care of myself, etc. But I find it all comes & goes in waves. Mindfulness helps, meditation helps, I've found existential, Buddhist writings (by Thich Nhat Hanh in particular) help... It's all a matter of whatever helps keep it in maintenance for you, really. For me, it depends on the day, honestly. I try to keep up on supplements, physical movement, & getting the right amount of sleep, though.

    All in all, I am proud of myself because it's been a rough road with anxiety that I've kept largely private, but I still show up to fight it every day - I'm grateful I'm sort of figuring out & gathering all that works for me. And I've actually committed to going on a date this Tuesday. So that's a positive sign for me, even in this hellscape of a year.

    Willing to take in all the good vibes I can get, ha...
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  17. Thank you thank you thank you for this. I'm having a HARD day and was literally just gonna post "Help" but all of these are such important reminders for me. This year and last I finally took ownership of my anxiety and recognized it for the illness that it is instead of a personal failing and it's changed so much. I'm privileged enough to have medication and therapy together to support me but that does not mean it's all better. Your post reminded me of what I can do (GET AWAY FROM COMPUTER!! Walk outside!) and all I have done. Bad days happen, but they are temporary.

    Love to everyone who finds there way to this thread!
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  18. Awww, so glad I could be of help in some way. I know how debilitating it all can be. Hugs.
  19. Ok. Something bizarre happened today and I don't know how to properly process it yet (I'm doing so by panicking, crying and having breakdowns).

    Before going to the story per se, there are two essential facts you need to know. The first is that my anxiety disorder is triggered my hypochondria and fear of dying, so whenever I feel something that made me feel "oh no, I might be dying", my mind gets attacked. The second one is that I'm adopted, so I don't really know the health history of my biological family.

    Anyway, I have no clue about the parental side of my family, but my bio mom and my half-sisters (both from my mom's side) have my contact. The oldest one just messaged me out the blue showing up the exam results of his son. It turns out that most of my family is prone to having mental disorders - especially ADHD, which my bio mom most likely has, my sister has, her son/my nephew has and my nephew from my other sister might have.

    So, I decided to ask her if there is any other kind of disease that is common in the family. She said diabetes and heart problems. The latter scares me to death, so I pressed further and asked what exactly happened and if it happened to close relatives. Apparently, two of my uncles and my grandmother had heart attacks. SO OF COURSE I AM NOW PANICKING THINKING I'LL HAVE A HEART ATTACK MYSELF. My first anxiety crisis back in 2015 was caused by me thinking I was having one of those, but now that I have some sort of ~~evidence I am out of control (even though the last time I went to the cardiologist, which was three years ago, if I remember correctly, everything was fine). But having this information, being overweight (and gaining 5kg due to quarantine) and not having the healthiest diet, I am just hoping I won't die while sleeping or something.

    Life is cool and 2020 keeps getting worse.
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  20. For my US friends, how are you dealing with election stress? I try try try to reduce my news intake but its just everywhere and everything is so bad. I cannot think or read about the Supreme Court without literally getting choked up. I am aware that this is a temporary state and soon enough the election will be over and i'll be able to react to whatever reality we have coming but the LEVELS of unpredictability and complete lack of control is doing me in big time. I also just don't have energy around things that normally help like exercise and art. I'm more or less just stoned every night watching Invader Zim.
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