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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by DreamlessNights, Nov 15, 2015.

  1. I've been hearing alt right groups are attacking (beating up/driving into) female protesters in the streets. This is a trigger because, a couple months ago, I stood up for myself and got beaten up too. I just want to bunker down and tune out the news but... this is not blowing over. The entire country is in unrest, how can I look away and hide in a bubble? Ugh!

    Basically, I'm spiraling out.

    Good luck to the US-unties, I'll be following your election while biting my fingertips (cause there's no nails left).
  2. I'm struggling with the stress. One more week till...something.
  3. The Annie album is legit helping right now.
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  4. I'm from Germany but this election is giving me more anxiety than every election I've ever voted in personally, so I can't even imagine what it's like living in the USA at the moment. Sending lots of hugs to whoever needs it!
  5. I've become obsessed with it. I can't stop reading, devouring it. Thank God the not-knowing part of it is over tomorrow, then it's time to... focus on the aftermath dddd.
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  6. I was gonna try to find a cute gif or something but I just wanted to say I'm truly here with you all- especially my fellow doomed Americans. I'm having some success limiting my media intake and staying present in the moment. I want anyone to know my inbox is open and I PROMISE no judgement will come from whatever thoughts you need to share. We're in such an unknown space and our brains just are NOT meant for that. Whatever you are feeling right now is real, but you do not need to buy every thought you are thinking. Stay present, focus on what is in your control, and remember how much we all want you here.
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  7. londonrain

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    This is helping me. Seriously.

  8. Serious egg on my face dddd. I eventually had to unplug completely, which was definitely a smart move (since nothing happened)!
  9. I forgot how hurtful it is to be casually caused crazy.
  10. So this is probably a silly thing to be worrying myself about...

    A friend of mine is having a baby shower via Zoom in a few weeks. I'm getting myself really worked up over it as I'm not exactly brimming with self-esteem as it is, but seeing myself on webcam especially feeling like my crappy lockdown self, just makes it all much worse.

    I've always struggled with webcam stuff. I never FaceTime anyone. For work I have to do meetings on MS Teams - the only way I'm able to get through them is by hiding the Teams window so I don't have to see my face on screen.

    I keep trying to find excuses as to why I can't take part in the Zoom party. There's going to be a bunch of people I don't know on this thing. She's a really close friend though, so I'd feel bad if I didn't take part.

    Such a stupid thing to be getting anxious over, but it's really playing on mind. Sigh.
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  11. Hide self view has revolutionized zooms for me!
    You disappear and just get to look at all the faces of people you love! (Also revolutionizes tele therapy for those of us with that privilege!)
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  12. It is something I have leaned to embrace. Both my parents told me straight out they thought I was 'weird' growing up as I would often laugh or smile at very inappropriate times.

    It was a little hurtful hearing my Grandma tell her neighbour that I was 'a bit of an odd one' but she is 93 (reminds me of Betty White) and I think I'm her favorite Grandchild, so I didn't let it bother me.
  13. I think I’ve realized that in order for my anxiety to fully go away (instead of just waves of remission/relapse), I need to cut out coffee & all forms of caffeine. My system simply does not like it. I’ve experimented going off of it & reintroducing it... it sparks my anxiety every time. I’m 8 days without coffee today, & plan to forego Diet Coke & tea as of today. God knows Diet Coke is just a (eerily refreshing) pool of chemicals anyway. It’s a shame because I love coffee, but I just turned 30, & I’d like to focus on my long-term health now.
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  14. I notice that I do get anxiety from too much caffeine, but are there any long-term side effects health-wise? Whenever I try quitting, I do get some “withdrawal” in the form of a headache.
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  15. I believe* many studies have been done that show long-term (moderate) caffeine use has no noticeable health impact. However, for those of us prone to anxiety, it can certainly trigger issues. A couple cups of coffee can end up feeling very uncomfortable if my day is already a little edgy. I'm for sure psychologically addicted, though. I just love coffee/tea.

    *Someone can look into that dddd
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  16. I don't think there are many long-term side effects, honestly. In fact, there are a lot of known benefits to drinking black coffee. I think it's more a case of me admitting to myself that caffeine & my body don't mix well. As much as I love coffee & have relied on it, I also sense it burns my system out. It triggers anxious thoughts (mind racing, what-if scenarios) & anxiety-fueled physiological symptoms for me (higher pulse, higher blood pressure in particular).

    I usually quit cold turkey, which is rough, but this time I tapered down. I still slept a lot one day - it's as if your body registers all the sleep you're missing due to caffeine & forces you to pay it back, like a sleep debt. But now that I'm off of it completely, I feel much more naturally calm. I've noticed things that would typically stress me out in day-to-day life are now things I can handle with greater ease now.

    My previous best streak was 100+ days without coffee, which I felt was worth it - I could tell my system needed a rest, or at least a reset. I plan on sticking to it indefinitely now!
  17. Okay, I can relate to these a bit. I do also depend on it, but things do seem more serious than they are when I’m on it. The “down” can also get tiring. I might try lessening my coffee intake next year.
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  18. Ooh I’m relating to a lot of what you posted. How much did you normally drink and when, may I ask? Ever try decaf instead with similar calming results?
  19. When I was at the peak with Anorexia, caffeine never left my hand from the moment I woke till I went to bed...
    It was literally what fed my energy to keep on going through all my activities...
    I was drinking over 100 oz of coffee, black, everyday and quit back in 2011...

    A little caffeine is beneficial (it's in my Excedrin for my migraines), but I was an addict and know that I am much better off without it in my life personally...

    Coffee however is horrible for your stomach so I would seek out a better way like tea imo
  20. I’m definitely going to get a full blown anxiety disorder before this pandemic ends.
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