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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by DreamlessNights, Nov 15, 2015.

  1. Earlier today my anxiety was awful. I was moving from my home village to my shared house in the city for my last term of university and I was too nervous to eat all day, I felt like throwing up and was dry heaving all day. I just felt so frozen in fear. I managed to eat an apple and a toastie in the day but I just felt so off and was having really silly intrusive thoughts that someone would have stolen all my records, or that my room would be infested with rats or my housemate would have changed the locks and kicked me out without telling me. Obviously when I got in the door after feeling like this all day at home and then on the bus, I felt fine and had lovley chat with my landlord before ordering a takeaway and listening to records and calming down. I feel fine now but I've honestly never felt as awful as I felt earlier.
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  2. Sorry to hear that, I hope you’re feeling alright now. It can be shit when it just hits in waves like that, you’ve got this though!x
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  3. I’m incredibly frustrated today as soon as I begin to make steps in terms of my anxiety that one individual sends me several steps back again. I just hope my sleep doesn’t suffer too much because I still can’t get decent nights sleep since summer last year. Living at home is beginning to seriously bother me I don’t know how much longer I can cope. I’m always treated like I’m in the wrong because I’m autistic and I feel utterly hopeless because no one in my family cares about my feelings. This individual makes me so uncomfortable I shake with fear and I feel nauseous every time. I think I might have to have CBT again or therapy cause I can’t keep going on like this.
  4. I really feel like shit. I had a big anxiety attack due to a situation. My boyfriends sister who is very sick is going through aggressive treatment and the family is all deciding to go to her house in Florida to visit. My boyfriend wanted me to go so I scrambled to get off of work for just 2 extra days. We were going to drive and I just started thinking of all these scenarios and with covid and just broke down and we turned around. He will now be flying by himself because I don’t feel comfortable going on a plane with all those people feel terrible because I do want to see his sister but I don’t think it’s smart to have people from various states be around a person with a weakened immune system and we have followed everything here. I feel so frantic.
  5. I largely conquered my anxiety over the last few years, but it stick its head above the parapet at the strangest of times still.

    We're buying a replacement car this week and it's just... making me crazy panicked. I was so resistant to even going to view it, then hoped for all manner of obstacles to prevent us from buying it - all for no rational reason whatsoever.
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